Holiday Traditions: Deep Fried Festivities

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by Kristen Tracy, Contributing Writer

For as long as I can remember, my family has had the same Christmas Eve routine. December 24th always starts out as a normal day, but then, my mom, dad, sister and I go to the grocery store to pick out our favorite appetizers or meals that we want for a special Christmas Eve dinner. After returning home and putting these away, we get ready for 4 p.m. church. After we return from church is when our tradition really begins. The first thing we do when we get home is open one present each, the contents of which are always pajamas. After we all put on our new PJs, my dad and sister pick out the Christmas movies we are going to watch while my mom and I get our deep fryer ready for our one of a kind dinner.


No matter what, we always watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but some of the other movie choices vary year to year. Most of the time, we only get through about three movies before everyone starts to fall asleep. During the movies, we enjoy our smörgåsbord of deep fried and baked foods such as cheese curds, pizza rolls, pigs in a blanket, cream cheese crescent rolls, artichoke dip, and more. Our food options vary year to year as well, depending on what we are feeling that day. Even though our tradition is not a common one, there is nothing better than watching Christmas movies with the ones you love before the Holiday begins.


Even our dogs get into the cuddly Christmas spirit

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