Holiday Traditions: Bringing Santa Clause to Life

by Erin O’Brien, Lifestyle Writer

Santa Clause is the key figure in any child’s memory of Christmas. The fantasy of the character bringing presents to all of the children of the world in one night, wearing a big red suit, and courting around 8 reindeer is a belief that every child possesses to get into the spirit for the holiday. When I was still a young believer of Santa Clause, my parents did everything in their might to make this belief a special part of my childhood.


Like any kid excited on Christmas morning, I would wake up at approximately 6 AM so I could run upstairs to see the beautiful arrangement of gifts left around our Christmas tree for my sisters and me. However, among all of the gifts there was always a physical trace left in our house that Santa Clause had been there the night before. The tile in front of our fireplace was always covered in dirt, there were snow boot tracks tracing around our Christmas tree and into the next room where more gifts followed, and on two very special Christmas days, Santa Clause just so happened to tear off part of his suit, leaving a patch of red fabric in our fireplace, followed by a lost button and bell from his sleigh the next December.


A young, naïve me would always save whatever it was that Santa had incidentally left at our house that year. I would then leave it for him next to our milk and cookies the following year accompanied with a note to him.


Though these happy times in believing in Santa Clause have passed, I will always hold onto the excitement I had during those Christmas mornings. My parents made great efforts to keep my beliefs special and strong. While we no longer play along with Santa leaving his belongings at our home, I hope to continue this small tradition with my own children in the future.


Hoping everyone a very happy holiday!

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