Holiday Traditions: Dysfunctional Christmas Morning

by Alyssa Sage, Fashion News Correspondent

holiday tradition 2

My parents have been divorced for the majority of my life.  Since I was so young when the divorce became a norm for the family, my struggles dealing with it were minimal while growing up.

Fortunately, my parents have remained close friends since the divorce. Needless to say, they have made many sacrifices to make our family life seem “normal.”  Keeping with that statement, my mom, dad, brother and I have still spent every Christmas morning together opening presents, eating breakfast, and watching the Yule Log with enthrallment.  My parents still exchange gifts too.  Admittedly, they normally exchange gag gifts, but it still adds to the “ideal” family picture that every kid desires.

holiday tradition

The typical Christmas morning for the Sage family usually consists of my dad cooking a delicious breakfast while my brother and I wait for my mom to arrive with all of her gifts.  After we open presents we either put in a classic holiday film like Christmas Vacation or we continue to watch the captivating Yule Log.

This arrangement voids my brother and me of the “which parent should we spend Christmas with?” dilemma.  Traditions like this are what have made growing up in a non-traditional family so simple.  I know far too many parents who cannot stand being in the same room as one another.  The holiday season is always a nice reminder of how lucky I am to have a family that has managed to remain a single unit even after a potentially problematic divorce years ago.

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