The Inspo Board: Far and Away

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When questioning the future that is upon us, we often find that our minds exist in places far and away. This thought especially resonates during this time of year as we begin to conclude the semester, reunite with our loved ones, celebrate a season of joy and thankfulness, and dream of what has yet to come. We are enchanted with possibility, wistful for the memories of our past, and full of butterflies as we anxiously anticipate the New Year. Reflecting these sentiments, our wardrobes tend to show off these mixed emotions as we gravitate toward classic styles whilst yearning to experiment with fresher, bolder ones; desiring ensembles whose seams promise to unravel the story of a new-fangled version of ourselves. Yet no matter where our minds or closets may take us, we mustn’t forget to dwell in the present. It is in this place where we can appreciate ourselves for who we are and what we have become, and while glimpsing into the future may be an enchanting notion to indulge in, the here and now can be just as captivating. A wise person once said that most of us don’t discover who we are until we have arrived. So why get in lost in places far and away when you could find yourself in a moment right now?

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