Holiday Traditions: Off to the Movies in our Pajamas

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by Jessica Hamilton, Contributing Writer


Christmastime this year is particularly special to me because it is my first Christmas coming home during my college education. I have always adored this cheery season, but the fact that I am returning home after experiencing this monumental transition in life will make the time spent with my family even more meaningful. Fortunately, I’m blessed to have an extended family comprised of entertaining and loving people. This is even more special because we see each other so often during the holidays.


The two weeks leading up to Christmas involves all of us getting together for cookie making, countless dinners, churchgoing, the anticipated white elephant gift exchange, and the scrumptious Christmas Eve feast. Then, as if we have not seen each other enough already, we reunite again on Christmas day to go to the movie theater together. What makes this holiday tradition unique is that each of my family members dresses in their pajamas, and we pack all 13 of us into one or two rows in the theater. The biggest struggle with our outing is choosing a movie that everyone agrees on (previously, the movies have included Sherlock Holmes and Little Fockers).


Despite receiving many judgmental looks from strangers in the theater, the purpose of dressing in our mismatched pajamas is part of a bigger picture. It is a reminder that no matter who looks at me funny or what hardships I may face throughout the year, my family is always there for support and always there to lighten the mood.

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