A Spectacle at Bergdorf’s

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by Emily Weiss, Contributing Writer

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The true holiday spirit does not begin with the end of Thanksgiving, Starbuck’s Peppermint Latte or ABC Family’s 25 Nights Of Christmas special, but a more significant event. Christmas truly begins only when the windows at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue between 57th and 58th street have been revealed. Each and every year, Linda Fargo and David Hoey along with their creative teams bring together artisans, collaborators and dreamers to make each window more ornate and more magical than the one before. Mannequins doused in the most lavish gowns of Dior or Marchesa stand amidst fantastical creations as millions of tourists walk by open-eyed for a glance at these master pieces.

But this year, the ultimate reveal was even dreamier. For the first time ever, Bergdorf Goodman held an event to reveal the windows called, “Holidays On Ice.” The bustling crowd was treated to performers and acrobats that dropped glitter snow and danced their way down the side of the Bergdorf Goodman building. And then the prized possession was revealed. This year’s theme was “holidays” not just Christmas, but Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and even Arbor Day all connected together by the central theme of ice.

Fargo and Hoey did far than disappoint. The windows captured fashion, glamour, art, pop culture and every holiday spirit all in five main windowpanes. The breathtaking gowns, elaborate detail of the icing on the Valentine’s Day cake, and the clarity of the crystal ice penetrating the glass made this year’s windows more memorable then last.

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