EskiNO’s: Where Weekend Winter Attire Goes Wrong

by Allie Jeka, Contributing Writer

Winter Attire
Braving the frozen tundra. This woman clearly knows what she’s doing.

Snow is in the forecast, but subzero temperatures have never discouraged a Wisco woman from passing up a party before. Surely, like many of us, you have planned an exciting night out, so why let the weather hinder your plans, style or dignity? Be it a blizzard or frigid wind chills, there are still plenty of options for tonight’s outing. Don’t snowflake out. Here are four “proven” ways to stand out and stay warm:

Warm and stylish? Who knew it was possible? Shop this look below for your next night out.
Warm and stylish? Who knew it was possible? Shop this look below for your next night out.
  • On their way to parties, college women exemplify their higher education by doing the math: conquer a fresh, 2-inch snowfall with at least 3-inch high heels. However, when opting for a classic pump that merely covers the sole of your foot, but leaves the rest exposed, this style logic does not seem to add up. To make sense of this equation, ankle booties and other weather-friendly styles are highly suggested. Not only will they keep your feet warmer, but they’ll stay on your feet easier, which will help with balance. Still feeling afraid to tackle icy sidewalks on stilts? You could always just throw on your coziest pair of boots. After all, nothing gets a party started like a pair of soggy Uggs – said no one ever.


  • Trading tights for frostbite when venturing into the frozen tundra may not be a new revelation, but in terms of survival it’s essential. Then again, a thin layer of nylon can only do so much, and many of us aren’t brave enough to take that chance. In such cases, you could actually choose to take your mother’s advice and (gasp) “dress warm.” According to recent observational studies, black leggings prove to be the most steadfast way to stand out from a crowd. Or at least, that’s what nearly every woman on this campus seems to think. To achieve a stand-out party outfit, defer from the norm and swap your traditional knit leggings for a pair of leather pants (or actual pants for that matter). Legs still cold? Hand warmers can be multi-purposeful – get creative.


  • If you’re still rocking a crop top this time of year, brazen. If we can’t tell what season you’re dressed for, you clearly must be doing it right. Yet, contrary to popular belief, exposing your entire body to the elements (and everybody else on campus) isn’t the only way to grab attention with your outfit. Choose a unique sweater or sheer long-sleeved blouse to stand out. Even better, wearing a leather jacket or a statement blazer provides the perfect excuse for keeping your coat on all night.


  • If you want to be sure that your jacket won’t be mistaken for somebody else’s at the end of the night, you can’t go wrong with a knee-length North Face. Not only are they a rare find around here (bonus points if you pair one with leggings and Uggs), but they double as a sleeping bag if you need to sneak in a post-party snooze. Or if you’re afraid of your jacket being stolen, seeing that has become a popular trend, just don’t wear one. 10 degrees below zero isn’t that cold, right? For an extra styling tip, leave your hat and scarf at home to achieve a natural rosy glow – no blush needed. In terms of gloves, those are for the amateur. After all, and nothing screams “tough girl” like a bare pair of hands in winter. Not quite up to the challenge? You could always just be the adult that you are and dress for the weather (stylishly, of course). Leather gloves can actually up the hot-factor of your outfit in more ways than one, and wearing your winter accessories will save you from paying the price of chapped skin for a week or for paying cab fare once you realize hypothermia is an actual problem.


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