La Parisienne: Mastering the Parisian Aesthetic

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by Samera Jome, Contributing Writer

Being that it is fashion week, I figured there would be no better way to start off this column than by talking about fashion in Paris. Fashion, or more specifically style, is one thing that almost all Parisians take seriously. One is unpretentiously required to look presentable while out and about. To go out in sweats or in your regular duds is to commit a fashion crime punishable by incessant staring on the metro.

This wonderful city has been the producer of some the biggest icons in fashion like Gabrielle Chanel and so it is with great pleasure that I present to you the tools to embody “la Parisienne.”


la parisienne

Black. Simple and straightforward. This might sound scary but this quote by Yohji Yamamoto explains it all: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy—but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you–don’t bother me.’” This essentially encompasses what the color black does for all the Parisian women you see about. It has a timeless simplicity that oozes so much class, elegance and taste, and makes people stop in their tracks. So should you desire to look like a classy Parisian woman, inject a little black into that wardrobe. The trick however, to avoid looking gloomy, is to use shapes when wearing all black. Perhaps a structured blazer with cropped pants or to incorporate different textures into your outfit


la parisienne 2

Leather. Never have I seen so many variations of the leather jacket in my life. Each store that you walk into in Paris has about ten different types of leather jackets and walking down the street, you never see two women with the same one. Fist and foremost, the leather jacket needs to be black, and then exceptionally tailored. The tailoring of the jacket is the most important aspect as it gives us the personality type of the person wearing it. They might say I’m feminine but daring or gutsy yet full of life. If the leather jacket seems a bit too overdone for you, try the cape, which is becoming increasingly popular. It also comes in leather or with leather detailing.


La P 3

The most popular and practical choice of shoe in Paris has to be the flat bootie. Almost all the girls at my school own a pair and they all transform this shoe to look laid back or dressy when the occasion demands it. Now stilettos also are very popular since this is, after all, the home of Christian Louboutin, but heels are saved for the trendiest bars and lounges in the very popular arrondissements in the heart of Paris.


This has to be the most important part when trying to emulate these fashionable ladies. Never has there been a group of people who have carried themselves with as much exquisiteness as the French. To come close to them, simply dress in what you feel most comfortable in and walk like you’re closing Chanel’s Fall ‘14 show.

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