Relationships 101: Long Distance BFF’s

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by Meg Rotter, Contributing Writer

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When school, jobs, or life get in the way of seeing your bestie, it becomes necessary to find new ways in order to stay in the loop.

We have all heard the story about a group of high school friends that drift apart once leaving for college, but I would like to explore the ones that did survive the transition. Not to bash on the old-school ways of keeping in touch, snail mail or e-mail, but I have found that there are more creative ways to have fun with your friends, even if they are living in a different country.

Many of us know the idea of long distance best friends from the popular young adult book series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. While some of the adventures these girls embarked on are a bit farfetched, the core of their friendship is inspiring. The imaginative use of jeans is just one way that friends can be tied together. Thanks to this fictional idea, friends can now get together when you have time and create scrapbooks of events from the year, exchange diaries that go into detail of your lives, or even create memory charm bracelets.

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This year I was thrown into this situation when all of my closest friends split ways and went to different colleges. Our locations ranged from Oberlin to Mizzou and all the way down to Ecuador. We were forced to transition from being neighbors living just down the street to living across the country. Though we found this task extremely daunting, we turned to technology to help bridge the gaps.

Skype and Face time have made it possible to chat and see your friends’ faces every time you’re missing them.  They have also made it possible to open your conversation and chat with a whole group of your friends. The use of Skype made it possible for me to see the inside of a Marquette dorm room without leaving the comfort of my own bed.

Another great technology for my friends and me has been social media and phone apps. On Facebook we have created our own group page where we can upload funny pictures, send weekly updates, and reminisce on the good old summer days. We also enjoy using the “Group Me” app. It allows us to all be connected to the same conversation so no one is left out. You can even personalize the app by choosing a profile picture and creating your own nicknames.

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