Style at Home

by Victoria Fok, Fashion Writer


Whether you live in an apartment, dorm, or house, living in style can be quite difficult. Most dorms and apartments have strict restrictions on any changes to the white walls.  Most places do not allow walls to be painted, and any damage to walls bring about costly consequences. As college students, we don’t have the money to spend on expensive décor.  In order to save money, many of us may have to share a bedroom. Yet with all these challenges, it is still possible to personalize your bedroom into a unique living space. Check out these stylish inspirations below.


Bye-Bye Boring Walls

The best place to personalize your space is the walls. The walls are your empty canvas. You may not be able to paint them, but you can cover them with personality: pictures, postcards, and any personal mementos. This is a great place to hang up fun mementos from both back home and from time spent at college. Collage together goofy photos and game day tickets.  To play it safe, use blue painters tape, poster putty, or command strips to hang things on the wall. This will prevent any accidental wall damage.



Crafty Decorations

Another great way to spruce up any living space is to DIY your own décor. Paper snowflakes are incredibly simple to make, yet create a great winter-y touch to any windowpane.   If you are feeling a little craftier, paper garlands, like this cupcake garland, add a cute touch to any room.



Mix and Match

Sharing a room does not mean that everything in the room has to match. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, color, and décor. The best way to mix and match patterns is to pick a couple of coordinating colors and buy items in those colors but different patterns.  Personalize your own side with flowers, gifts, and cards from friends and family. Don’t worry too much about matching with yourroommate.  The beauty of a shared room is the unique and personalized touches added by both people.



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  1. I liked the writing, but the article itself was very boring and kinda obvious. The picture room was also quite dull and not my cup of tea.

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