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there are several unanswered questions that arise. Many people are concerned with the trend landscape – they wonder what’s hot and what’s not; what’s in and what’s out. They try to discern which of the newest fashions will be easiest to adapt once the season begins, and they mentally sort through their wardrobes to assess which of the items they own are “up-to-par” with the coming styles.

Yet at Moda, these are not our concerns. Certainly trends play a crucial role in the fashion industry as a whole, but we don’t like to fret so much over the “what.” Instead, we like to question “how” and “why.”

In essence, we want to know where the madness all began. We want to know why designers made the decisions they did and why certain media outlets are buzzing about it. It is here, at the origin, where we can begin to understand the inner workings of the industry; the reasons why consumers’ choices will be affected and why our socio-cultural perceptions of style may soon shift.

In the coming weeks, our Fashion Team will work to find answers– delving deep into trend reporting and designer coverage to illustrate the goings-on of the fashion world so that our knowledge of the industry can allow us to prosper and thrive.

At the origin is where we begin, but where we end, well, that’s for the weeks to come.

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