London Fashion Week: Fall 2014 Designer Coverage

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by Maddy Gilson, Fashion Writer

London has been the central location for fashion devotees, top designers, and fashion correspondents due to the highly anticipated fashion week. Collections showcased a variety of upcoming trends for Autumn/Winter 2014. From more classic, distinguished designers to newcomers in the fashion scene, a buzz was created around the exquisite style showcased this week. While Fall 2014 may be far away, don’t let that stop you from brainstorming buys based on this weeks recap.

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The Eccentrics

Fyodor Golan

Fyodor Podgomy and Golan Frydman debuted a collection highly inspired by the relation between fashion and technology, literally. The first ensemble shown before the show wowed the audience. Popular model Chloe Nørgaard wore a rah-rah skirt composed of 80 Nokia Lumia 1520 Smartphone screens. This skirt was the result of collaboration between Nokia and the designers – estimated to be worth $113,424 US Dollars (68,000 British Pounds). Each screen displayed bright, colorful images gathered from the designer duo’s recent trip to Burma. The collection was a creative mix between sportswear, playful colors, unique fabric, and a futuristic twist. Motorcycle and trench coats crafted from a vinyl-like, iridescent material were notable, along with matching baseball caps and round sunglasses to finish the look. Fyodor Golan topped fashion week as a designer willing to push boundaries – combining imagination with wardrobe.

Nasir Mazhar, Peter Pilotto, Central Saint Martins MA
Nasir Mazhar, Peter Pilotto, Central Saint Martins MA Fall 2014

Other designers who showcased bold collections included John Rocha, Nasir Mazhar, Central Saint Martins MA, and Peter Pilotto. Winners of the BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund award, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos established themselves as talented newcomers by creating a strong line described as “hybrids and fusion.” The pieces were a mix of contrasting colors, embellishments and luxury textures. Rocha opened with his signature romantic style which incorporated voluminous ruffles, floral and added lace. Central Saint Martins MA and Mazhar were also notable shows displaying unique creativity in London’s Fashion Week.


The Veterans

The veteran category is meant for the already respected and established designers. A high profile audience and highly covetable items mark veteran shows.

House of Holland
House of Holland Fall 2014

House of Holland

Henry Holland caught everyone’s attention by sending out a lively collection. One noticeable trend was the vibrant palette of fuchsia, forest green and cherry red. Embellishments included fur, sequins, velvet and metallic pieces. Inspiration for the collection came from silhouettes in the seventies, flocked-wallpaper prints, quilted blouses and shearling stoles. Holland surprised the audience by sending his first ever little black dress down the runway, complete with tulle trimming and a polka dot bag. This collection was a perfect balance between fresh and loud decadence, identifying House of Holland as a fun, respected designer.

Burberry Prorsum
Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum’s Autumn/Winter show was a highlight of the week. The collection was titled “The Bloomsbury Girls,” blending together beautiful artistic designs with light, airy pieces. Central items included stunning hand-painted trench coats, delicate scarves and shearling coats. Models wore leather belts around the waist, creating a feminine, kimono-like appearance. Accessories included the new hand-painted leather and suede Bloomsbury Bag which added a twist of bohemian style to the collection in a way that totally worked.



London Fashion Week has a competitive tone about it. Certain shows draw an A-List following, while others are never truly recognized to the fullest. The following brands are in the newcomers’ category because they are lesser-known or they hold potentially promising futures in the industry. Other shows which were noteworthy, aside from those mentioned below, were Pringle of Scotland for their luxury knits and Fyodor Golan.

Giles Fall 2014
Giles Fall 2014


Giles Deacon created a collection that brought punk and high fashion together. Models wore flat shoes, black tights and unique frocks; outfits that were classy yet still maintained a rebellious tone. Colors ranged from orange, lime green and black; all strong yet mixed cohesively. Notable patterns included beautiful bird images, plaid and abstract designs. The pieces of the collection seem slightly scattered, but the shapes and styling created a unique and unifying effect.

Topshop Unique Fall 2014
Topshop Unique Fall 2014

Topshop Unique

While one may not immediately associate Topshop with high fashion, the popular English brand put this opinion to silence after its Autumn/Winter 14 show. Style ranged from feminine to edgy as the brand tried to create a collection aimed at fashionable young ladies. Every model wore a trendy coat, confirming emphasis on buying fashionable outerwear. While this brand may seem like a newcomer, it’s already in the works towards becoming a major player in the fashion world.

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