Spring Break Workout MODAvation

by Kayleigh Hong, Contributing Writer

spin class

Spring break is quickly approaching. This can only mean that people are planning their trips and hitting the gym to look their best in their swim suits. While some dedicated fitness lovers effortlessly tone their tummies, others struggle to even get off the couch. These people are those of us who may have seriously considered going to the gym, may have gone a few times, but we just can’t get the habit to stick. Thankfully, there are several ways to force yourself away from Netflix and get into shape at the gym. With a few tricks, you’ll be on your way to that spring break bod you’ve been dreaming of.


Fun Fitness Classes


A lot of gyms have free, or cheap fitness classes that accompany a membership. The SERF and NAT offer GroupX passes for only $25 a semester. Having a set schedule to work out makes it easier to get into a routine. Zumba, spinning, and yoga are fun alternatives for people who don’t want to spend all their time sweating on the treadmill.



Buddy up!


Find a friend! One of the simplest ways to stay motivated to going to the gym is by making a habit out of going with someone else. It is perfect because you can motivate each other while keeping each other entertained.


Just Pin it!


Next time you’re on Pinterest patrolling through the food boards, take a minute and check out the health and fitness section.  Not only will you access great work out tips, but also tons of motivational phrases. Pinterest is a great way to get you in the mood for that morning spin class.


Put some cash down


Purchasing expensive gym memberships or monthly passes to classes can be risky, but this can also be the perfect fuel to continue going so you get your money’s worth. Many gyms offer free trial classes or trial weeks. Sometimes these can be a cheap way to get in the habit before pledging to put down money every session.


Track your progress


Sometimes seeing results is like winning a prize. Apps like “Lose It!” keep track of weight loss targets by creating a daily calorie budget and logging the calories you burn throughout the day. Other apps like “Argus” come equipped with motion tracking to keep track of the total distance and steps you take through the day, making it great for runners. Thanks to smart phone apps, setting fitness goals has never been easier.


Whether it’s something simple like pinning or it’s committing to some serious spending, the only thing standing in between you and your dream health is you. So, why not?

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