Brunching: Bassett Street Brunch Club

by Youngjin Ki, Contributing Writer

1506641_270114463141766_452530691_nLocated on the ever-bustling Johnson Street, Bassett Street Brunch Club has become a hotspot for savory brunch items and delectable sweets. Having opened on Halloween of 2013, this restaurant quickly gained popularity amongst locals and visitors. With its hip ambience, rotating selection of doughnut flavors, and classic American brunch menu, it is no surprise that there’s a line to dine.

As you walk through the glass and chrome doors, favorite jams from the 70s-90s and trendy décor are there to greet you. From the candy-striped booths to the tasteful robotic surrealism paintings, the interior boasts a retro-modern feel. Whether it’s the large turnover rate of guests coming in and out, servers carrying pots of freshly brewed Colectivo coffee and plates of scrumptious meals, or the feel-good vibe radiating off both the guests and servers, there’s always a high-paced energy going around the establishment.


As I took my seat, my waiter introduced himself right away and took my drink order. Since it was a chilly morning, I went with the Horchata Blanca.  A new twist on the original, the Horchata Blanca takes the classic Horchata (a mixture of milk, sugar, cinnamon, and occasionally rice, traditionally to be enjoyed as a chilled beverage) and is heated up to release its more delicate and aromatic flavors.  It was the perfect drink to start off my morning.

Whilst waiting for my drink, I took a peek at the drink list and the main menu. Everyone’s favorite classic brunch drinks have been given a special touch. Slushified Screwdrivers, Bellini made with a house-made peach puree, and even Wake Up Beer (chilled espresso served with an oatmeal stout) were the first of many items on the list that caught my eye as I noticed that each beverage boasted its own unique twist.

The Breakfast Burrito
The Breakfast Burrito


Having forced myself to move on from their extensive drink list, I turned my attention to their equally enticing menu of entrees.  Since Basset is first and foremost a place for brunch, most of their menu is filled with simple and plain dishes, such as the ‘Murican Style (eggs, choice of meat, and toast) or Corned Beef Hash. But for those of us who have an adventurous taste bud there’s the Savory French Toast (sourdough dipped in cheesy batter, smothered in creamy hollandaise, and topped with bacon and served with a lightly dressed arugula salad) or Breakfast Burrito (eggs, cheese, peppers, and onion wrapped around a roti flatbread and served with an avocado bean salad and chili sauce). If you happen to be in the mood for meals served at different times of day, soups, salads, and dinner entrees are available for your selection as well.


When my drink was brought out, my waiter mentioned the specials for the day. The Daily Egg, which is a medley of vegetables that vary by the day, that can be served in an omelet or scrambler and their biscuits and corn-sausage gravy were the specials that morning. Seeing as I’m a sucker for classic brunch, I went with the biscuits and gravy.

After a fair amount of waiting, I could smell my order before I even saw it. To say it was delicious would be a huge understatement. The combination of sweet and saltiness from the corn and sausage, mixed with creamy, smooth gravy on a buttery biscuit was heavenly. Crispy and lightly seasoned, the breakfast potatoes were the perfect textural counter to the otherwise monotonous texture profile. Although well seasoned, some of the potatoes were a tad bit raw. On the other hand, the accompanying side salad was lightly dressed with a subtle tanginess from the vinaigrette, which was a nice balance to the heavy dish. Included in this dish was your choice of eggs, which was a neutral flavor profile that helped the dish blend together nicely.

Biscuits and grave with side salad

If you and a small group of friends are looking for a good pick-me-up any day of the week, I’d highly recommend Bassett Street Brunch Club. Even though there may be a small wait time, the lively atmosphere and great food will make it an experience you will not regret.


Bassett Street Brunch Club

444 W. Johnson Street


M-W: 7AM-10PM

Th-F: 7AM-12AM

Sat: 8AM-12AM

Sun: 8AM-10PM

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