“Wireless, your new best friend”: A Preview of Broadcast

by Bronte Mansfield, Contributing Writer


In a world saturated by social media—a world seen through Instagram filters, posted on Facebook, and spread through Twitter—it is too easy to forget where our current culture of instantaneous information all began: radio. To help us remember, the new musical Broadcast, which explores the history of radio through different periods, opens tonight at the Bartell Theatre. Earlier in the week, a cast member let me slip through the locked doors of the Bartell to give me (and our MODA readers) a sneak preview of the show.


I only stayed for about twenty minutes of the dress rehearsal, so as not to completely spoil the rest when I see it with friends later in the week, but from what I saw, Broadcast is well worth the ticket price. There is, to use a tired phrase, something in the show for everyone. Music enthusiasts will delight in the onstage band, a quartet that accompanies the excellent voices of the eight-person cast, who light up the stage with catchy songs. For appreciators of aesthetics, Broadcast excels in set and costume design for such a small production. MODA readers will be especially enthused about the costume design. I was very taken by the Edwardian, early twentieth-century clothing, and look forward to seeing costumes for the rest of the show. More than anything, lovers of history and story-telling will get happily lost in the musical’s intertwining historical story lines: from the telegram operators who heard the distress call from the Titanic, to the first voice that sang out over radio waves. Take a study break from the midterm madness or grab your S.O. for a night out at the theatre; whatever entices you to see Broadcast you may just find that—to quote a line from the show—wireless will be “your new best friend.”



Additional Information:

Broadcast is staged by Intermission Theatre Company, one of UW Madison’s student organization theater companies, at the Bartell Theatre, 113 E Mifflin St.  Student tickets are $15, and regular priced tickets are $20, available for purchase here [https://itkt.choicecrm.net/templates/BRTL/?prod=Broadcast2014].

Thursday, March 6: 7 pm

Friday, March 7: 7 pm

Saturday, March 8: 2 pm and 7 pm

Be sure to check out the Facebook event page, here [https://www.facebook.com/events/1445435565673950/].

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