Street Smart: Constance, Jennifer & Jay

by Roberto Leon, Fashion Photographer

The winter to spring transition never fails to bring out very interesting styles. The result is typically a mesh of spring items that make a fresh statement and tired winter coats from season’s past that are grudgingly toted for the sake of keeping warm. Making a transitional statement of their own, UW-Madison students showcase an array of youthful styles with the introduction of forgotten floral patterns and lighter layers of black.

Constance Chang

Name: Constance Chang

Year in School: Sophomore

Majors: Sociology and Psychology

“I think my style is very minimalist. I like the clean structure of it.”

Jennifer Lang

Name: Jennifer Lang

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Business

“I like fashion bloggers and the weather – they inspire my style.”

Jay Katelansky

Name: Jay Katelansky

Year in School: First year graduate student

Pursuing: MFA in Painting

“I like a lot of different things. For me, I look for Lisa Bonnett – she’s kind of my style icon. Anything that is really flowy and baggy and I’m usually good with accessories with the exception of today.”

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