Street Smart: Norah

Photographed by: Jordan Kaster Schultz, Street Smart Photographer
Written by: Paige Schultz, Fashion Editor


When discussing personal style, we tend to say that it is a reflection of ourselves. Such is apparent because we often assign meaning to certain elements of our ensembles, allowing the way we present ourselves to represent something much greater than mere materiality. Demonstrating this notion, UW-Madison sophomore Norah Ntambi explains that she likes to derive inspiration from Uganda, otherwise known as her home. By incorporating such unique intricacies into her look, Norah reminds us all of the symbolic power that personal style can hold and encourages us to express who we are through what we choose to wear.




Name: Norah Ntambi

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Nutritional Sciences

“I’m inspired by where I’m from, which is Uganda. Whenever I can add a touch of Uganda to my outfit, I will.”




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