The Modern Day Mean Girl

by Emma Leuman, Fashion Writer

Mean Girls

Allow me to blow your mind: It has been 10 years since Mean Girls premiered.  Yes, 10!  Whether you’ve memorized the dance to Jingle Bell Rock or waxed poetic on how someone would look like a British man if you shaved their head, we’re sure that you remember nearly every detail of this cult classic.

Watching the movie today is a bit different from watching it in 2004.  Aaron Samuels is still extremely attractive, and we all still want to be Regina George, but the clothes are seriously dated.  To remedy this problem, we here at MODA have taken it upon ourselves to update the Plastics’ wardrobes.  By combining current trends with each character’s style, we’ve compiled outfits that the girls would wear if the movie was filmed today.


Regina’s style always reflected her position within the group.  Her outfits made a statement, while Gretchen and Karen often looked like backup dancers.  Today she would try to exude sex appeal and general bad-assery.  Skin-tight leather pants show that she isn’t into frills while simultaneously showing off her figure.  A touch of pink gives her look a bit of femininity that doesn’t contradict her overall vibe.  And of course, she would wear hoop earrings because they’re “her thing.”


Gretchen is obsessed with her abs.  When given the option, her taut stomach will be on display.  Luckily for her, crop tops are a huge trend in 2014.  By pairing a “fetch” off-the-shoulder version with a body-con pencil skirt, she can achieve a more mature sexuality.  Gretchen is not trying to make too much of a statement, she’s simply trying to follow Regina’s lead.  However, the addition of a floral statement necklace puts her outfit in strictly high school territory.


Karen’s wardrobe is a bit more whimsical than the other Plastics’ – a reflection of her dreamy personality.  Her decidedly feminine style calls for bows and baby pink to be incorporated in her present-day look.  Karen’s love of Taco Bell and forecasting the weather are quirks that separate her from the other Plastics, demonstrated in her outfit by a pair of cat earrings.


Lastly, Cady’s wardrobe represents the typical bohemian girl.  Fringe and complicated prints dominate her style which is fine seeing as coordinating a matching ensemble is not very important to her.  She is a laidback character in the start of the film, and her loose, free-flowing clothing represents that.

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