BeYOUtiful: Halloween Makeup 2014

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by Meg Rotter, Lifestyle Writer


It’s time to pull out your jack-o-lanterns and dust off your cat ears because Halloween is here once again! The season of cobwebs and costumes gives us all a chance to step out of our usual roles and become someone new for the night. What better way to emerge onto the spooky scene than with some sassy and edgy makeup styles. Turn your mundane Halloween costumes into the envy of the party with these easy looks!




  1. Take brown paint and begin coloring face using a sponge. Start by sponging in a triangle shape at the top of your forehead, making the color fade as you move away from your hairline. Next, color in your cheeks starting at your cheekbone and following your jawline.
  2. For the second step you will need both a sponge and a paint brush. Using the paint brush, draw a line of paint from the tip of your nose all the way up to your forehead. Use a sponge to color in your forehead and to form white circles all the way around both eyes. Finally, use the paint brush to add white dots to both cheeks.
  3. Next, use a black eyeliner on your nose to line both sides of the white portion. Once your lines reach a bit higher than your nose, begin using a paint brush to paint black over your eyebrows, extending the line downwards. Using the eyeliner again, dramatically outline your eyes, placing an emphasis on the bottom wing. To finish the look, fill in the tip of your nose with a black circle.




  1. Pencil in the lid of your eye using a white eyeliner. Take bright teal eye shadow and fill in all over the penciled in portion. To create a more winged look, extend the white pencil and teal shadow up in a cat-eye manner.
  2. Next, apply black liner the way that you would generally wear it, filling just your waterline and the base of your eye. Then, starting at the inner crease of your eye, use the black liner and outline the teal shadow.
  3. Layer teal, green, and gold shadows over the inner area of your eye, extending both below your eye and above the teal-lined area. Allow the color to slowly taper off as you move further from your nose. Apply lip balm to your lips and outline them with purple liner. Using blue and purple eye shadow, lightly brush color onto your lips. While using eye shadow on your lips may seem strange, the pigments work well with lip balm to create the exact color you wish to achieve.






  1. Start by finding an old pair of fishnet stockings and cutting off one of the feet. Take the section you cut off and pull it over the top of your head, having it reach down to the base of your cheeks. Take silver or iridescent paint and sponge over the top of the stockings, creating your scales. A darker color can be used if you want to make your scales more visible.
  2.  Use a teal gel eye shadow to fill in your lids. Gel eye shadow creates a sharper line and will appear bolder than powder based product. Add a bit of loose glitter over and around the teal to create a more magical look.
  3. Add light pink blush to the apples of your cheeks for a girly flair. Next, thickly line the top eyelid with purple eyeliner. To add additional contrast, add a layer of green shadow above the teal, having it reach all the way to the bottom of your eyebrows.



 Photos by: Halie Conyers

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  1. Thank you for the hot fashion tips Meg! I was really inspired by the creative yet simple makeup techniques to make such a lively costume like the Peacock! I think I will be trying this one out this year. Oh boy I hope it looks good!!

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