High-End Hair for Guys

by Michael Spaeth, Men’s Writer

We often direct our focus to the clothing a guy wears when talking about men’s style, unintentionally ignoring the other aspects of a man’s look. A man’s grooming routine is a vital part of his appearance and identity, and hair is a serious focal point. In the same vein as fashion, one must be willing to experiment with new looks and styles to see what fits best. To help you find your new ‘do, we’ve put together three hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair so everyone out there can try something new and enhance their own look.



This is a very attainable look for guys with shorter hair, modeled above by Justin Timberlake (who in the past few years has been honing in on his musical career and acting chops as well as fine tuning his personal style). The extremely short sides direct the attention to the hair on top, approximately 2-3 inches in length. This look is great for those who usually settle with a basic side part, the hair on top is put together but in a more casual and easy-going way. Simple products like pomade or styling wax can be used to hold the hair up in a natural-looking way that can be easily washed out if you choose to alter the look.


David-BeckhamOur second look (featuring David Beckham) is for those with hair at a length of 4-6 inches. This undercut, like Justin’s style, features very short sides (noticing a trend?) allowing the hair on top to serve as the focal point once again. This modern undercut is a very polished look, but requires less maintenance than one might expect. The sides and back (cut with a 1 or 1.5 inch clipper guard) require little attention and you can get the top wet, simply towel dry it, and just push it back when in a hurry. You can also add products like pomade and some hairspray to keep the hair more elevated throughout the day for those who want a more professional look. Just avoid going too short on the sides or you’ll end up copying Macklemore — even he has trouble pulling that hairstyle off.



Speaking of musicians, our final look (featuring Jared Leto) is for those with very long hair or the patience to grow hair to this length. Man buns or “muns” as they are sometimes called are extremely popular nowadays thanks in large part to men such as Jared who look natural with one. Long hair has long been associated with musicians (Jared Leto is the lead singer for Thirty Seconds to Mars) but don’t be deterred. The plethora of BuzzFeed articles praising men with this style should be motivation enough to try it out at some point. In terms of maintenance, all one has to do is pull their hair back and put it in a bun. This easy process is a reward for the long journey you had in growing hair to this length.

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