Trick Your Mind: Dream Your Way to Beautiful

by Meg Rotter, Lifestyle Writer

Though life may not always seem like a fairytale, who says you can’t be Sleeping Beauty? These tips create an overnight beauty regimen to help promote natural beauty.

In today’s hectic world, there’s no time to worry about the health of your hair and skin. Makeup and hair styling tools can decrease your natural beauty, making you even more dependent on these cosmetic aids. Eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner can all harmful to your eyes, creating irritation that may lead to headaches. Creamy foundations and powders can also affect your health by making your skin more oily and, therefore, more prone to breakouts. Hair styling can be just as detrimental. While they may improve your short term appearance, the use of hair dye and heat styling tools may permanently damage your hair. Thinning of hair, an increase of split ends, and excessively dry hair are all possible side effects of serial use of damaging hair products.

It is extremely easy to reduce both hair and skin damage. From personal experience, I know how unlikely people are to change their lifestyle if it is difficult or time consuming. Here’s the good news: these remedies are not only easy to do, you can also reap the benefits while you sleep. Work some of these simple tricks into your daily bedtime routine to see improvement in your hair and skin. Another added bonus is that most of the products mentioned below can be found around your house or for a low price at your local drug store. Now that you know the facts, get started on creating your routine to increase your health and natural beauty.


Oil: For healthy hair (and a better night’s sleep) massage a small amount of warm oil into the roots of your hair. For the promotion of hair growth, use your fingertips to massage the oil in a circular motion.

Biotin: Biotin is a supplement that helps to renew the follicles and roots of your hair. Using this supplement should create thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Remember: it is important to follow the recommended dose in order to prevent other health problems.

Vitamin E: This vitamin helps to treat your hair’s split ends. Apply the product to the ends of your hair to wake up with smooth, soft hair.

Satin: Try sleeping on a pillowcase that is made from satin. The smooth texture of the fabric will reduce friction in order to prevent breakage and frizzy hair. The material will also help reduce the amount of sleep lines on your face when you wake up.



Moisturize: After your evening facial cleanse, add a small drop of vitamin E oil to your usual moisturizer in order to wake up with glowing skin. Don’t use a night cream? You should start! Some of my favorite night-time moisturizers are Olay Regenerist Nigh Recovery Cream and American Beauty Cosmetics Overnight Radiance Cream. If your skin is still dry after trying this method, try purchasing a humidifier for your bedroom. The machine will help instill the air with moisture and remedy the dry winter air.

Eyes: Do you wake up looking exhausted? Avoid dark under eye circles by using this simple trick. Using your ring finger, gently rub just a bit of almond oil around your eyes before bed. Almond oil is rich in moisturizing vitamins and will wake up the skin below your eyes.

Redness and Acne: Help reduce the redness of irritated skin and unruly acne with this homemade face mask. Combine coconut oil and tea tree oil, stirring until a clear serum has formed. Apply to affected areas before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. The antiseptic properties of this mixture will help heal and clear your face. Don’t have these ingredients around the house? Combine one to two teaspoons of baking soda with a bit of water and stir till a light paste is formed. Like the other serum, apply directly to the areas in need and wash off in the morning.

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