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by Meg Rotter, Lifestyle Writer

Get fuller, more natural looking eyebrows by using these beauty tips.

            Forget smokey eyes and full-winged eyeliner, the power brow is the new, bold beauty statement. Think of your eyebrows as your latest fashion accessory. Your bold brows have the power to draw attention to your eyes and give you a fierce, feminine look. Is’s difficult to compete with Cara Delevingne, the queen of the full brow, but my eyebrow envy has sent me in search of eyebrow best practices.

            Previously, I was an advocate of the eyebrow pencil. Simple, long-lasting, and clean, the pencil technique creates clean lines with staying power. However, with the world’s recent hype over eyebrow techniques, I have looked into some different products. Some beauty blogs suggest colored gels that resemble mascara while others use different powders and white liners. For me, what I found worked the best was a combination of these practices. Read on below to learn the steps to my easy and natural looking eyebrow routine.


What You’ll Need:

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Dark brown or black eye shadow
  • White eyeliner pencil
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Large makeup brush


*When purchasing the eye shadow and eyebrow pencil, aim for a shade that is approximately two shades darker than your natural eyebrows.



1.       Start with clean, natural eyebrows. Using your brow brush, comb your eyebrows up, lengthening their appearance.


2.       Next, take your white liner and lightly draw a thick line beneath each of your eyebrows, following their curve. Use your finger to rub the liner in a bit, making the line less defined. This will help create a greater contrast between your eyebrows and the skin just below.


3.       Take your eyebrow pencil and create short, hair-like lines following the shape of your brow. For a more defined look, outline the inner edge of your eyebrow and the bottom curve with your liner.


4.       Using an angled brush, fill in your eyebrow with the eye shadow. If you are seeking a bolder look, dip your brush in a bit of water before filling in your brows. When doing this, make sure to stay within your brow line to avoid fake-looking or overly thick eyebrows.


5.       Finally, remove excess powder and soften pencil lines by using the large makeup brush. Give each eyebrow a medium-pressured brush and then clean excess residue from your face.


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