Organize to Optimize

by Meg Rotter, Lifestyle Writer

With the cold winter still bearing down on us, it’s hard to leave our homes, much less our rooms. I love coming home after a long day of class and snuggling up with a cup of tea and some homework. But when my room is a mess, it’s hard for me to get right down to business, delaying my joyful reunion with my bed. Keeping all my papers, pens and other miscellaneous items in special compartments makes my small spaces super efficient and easy on the eyes. Create the perfect sanctuary and organize your space with some essentials.

Organization (1st half)


1. A white, cork-lined letter tray. Perfect for organizing your papers by subject.

2. The most optimistic jewelry tray that you will ever come by. Start your day off with the right mindset.

3. A rotating storage compartment to hold all of your writing utensils. This also works well for your scissors, markers and rulers.

Organization (2nd half)


4. Store all your books, folders and magazines in this sleek file rack.

5. Keep all your loose notes and photos in this adorable desk buddy. This little guy is the perfect pet to have around the apartment.

6. This desk organizer will allow you to start and finish each day with a tidy work space.


Now that you know my favorite new organizational tools, go out and organize your own life! After all, everyone deserves a chic space to optimize their life!


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