Making Your Life Greener

by Jessica Hamilton, Lifestyle Writer
While we should work to protect our planet each day of the year, Earth Day on April 22 reminds us to focus on conservation in our day-to-day activities. With minimal effort and a few fun changes, you can help the environment.

Not That: Plastic Baggies

Using plastic bags for your lunch items could add up to 15 bags per school week. Plus, more often than not, your food can get smashed in your backpack when in bags.


This: Tupperware

It takes a little more time and inventiveness to figure out how to fit your big carrots into a small Tupperware container, but trust me it’s possible! You can even buy containers now that are shaped like sandwiches.


Not That: Single Serving Keurig Cups

Even the creator of Keurig spoke out recently acknowledging the environmental impact of the plastic coffee containers.


This: Reusable K-Cups

Using reusable cups allows you to not only help the environment by reducing waste from the single serving cups, but also allows you so much more coffee variety. Hello Colectivo Coffee in my apartment!


Not That: Throwing food out

It’s easy to let your leftovers or produce spoil, especially when it’s simpler to order food after a busy day. However if you buy food, really try to make a commitment to eating it.


This: Getting creative in the kitchen

Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that allow you to enter the ingredients you have and generate a recipe. You can impress all of your friends with your thrifty cooking skills.


Not That: Aimlessly Buying Food

It’s easy to walk through the grocery aisles and throw anything processed into your cart, especially when you’re hungry and on a budget.


This: Food for Thought

Take time to look over the products you’re buying and try to see if you can discover where it’s coming from. Local food choices have had to travel less distance and are typically grown in season; they usually taste better too!



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