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By David Kim

Vintage rock style is enjoying a glorious comeback in 2015 and Neo-70s style has effectively been seeped into the fashion world’s conscious. Although Saint Laurent’s rock-culture-surveying collections from Hedi Slimane are the first to come to mind, many designers have mixed subtle textures with fur, velvet, and shearling, and have showcased statement pieces like leather pants and animal print outer wear in their winter wares.

Strong 70s vibes lend themselves to one quality maybe above all else: classic rock showmanship. There may not be a better man fulfilling this role than modern rock great, Mr. Lenny Kravitz, whose great guitar work, vocal chops and sense of style have long earned him a place among today’s traditional-school rock stars.

At 51, Kravitz still remains a key source of inspiration for many trend seekers and fashion fans alike. Like his music, his style exudes chic-rock sensibilities. In often mixing and matching leather jackets, skinny jeans, rugged denim and Chelsea boots, Lenny’s style approach has consistently married rock n’ roll iconography with modern silhouettes over the years. Still, Lenny has put his look over the top by way of his trademark leather pants and aviator shades, both which work well with looks employing tasteful accessories like scarves and jewelry. Shown in the image above, Lenny keeps it simple, utilizing different shades of black in a showcase of glam rock. Often layering a low-cut plain tee under an open, collared shirt or a wool sweater of similar hue, Lenny sometimes embraces tailored blazers over the rocker look, if not a rugged leather or denim jacket.

When it comes to accessories, Lenny becomes creative, adding flavor to the streamlined black, chic outfits.
The key philosophy here may not be “less is more,” but Kravitz always manages to maintain composure even when his schtick inches ever closer to flamboyance. Think of his black scarf, chain necklaces, and piercings, always neutralized by his favorite aviator shades.

Kravitz has endured as a good guy to have around in rock since the 90s. He remains active today not only in music but also in films, photography, and even interior design, (check out CB2 x Kravitz Design). Most recently, Kravitz published Flash, a book of his own photography that explores the perspective of a guy who has really yet to be away from in front of the camera. Surely, Lenny won’t mind that his undeniable style and artistic intuition will remain to be watched on tour, at the movies and in art galleries for years to come.


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