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by Kayleigh Hong, Lifestyle Writer

Halloween is just a week away, so it’s time to plan out some last-minute spooky fun and thrills! Luckily, Madison has plenty of great options to help you get your last-minute adventures before the downtown Halloween festivities.


Haunted Houses

For thrill seekers, nothing is better than visiting a classic haunted house during the Halloween season. The two closest haunted houses to downtown Madison are Wisconsin Scaryland and Haunted Acres.

Wisconsin Scaryland is made up of three different themed, haunted attractions that sound like real life versions of “American Horror Story.” One theme called the “Westport Penitentiary” is based off of an old abandoned hospital for the “criminally insane,” the second called “Containment” centers around blood thirsty insane inmates trapped in a basement and the third “Big Chop Circus” is a cannibalistic carnival you’ll never forget.

If you want a little more scare for your buck, each Screamin Acres ticket offers admission to four different attractions. Their attractions this year are called “Side Effects,” “The Slaughterhouse,” “The Last Resort” and new this year “The Crawl Space.” Each will be sure to have enough blood, guts and gore to leave you sleepless.



Escape Rooms

If you’re not interested in getting chased around by ghosts and vampires, but still want to do something exciting for the Halloween season, check out one of the new escape rooms. Companies began creating these rooms for real life physical adventure games. Groups of about ten people are locked into a room and have to solve puzzles, riddles and find hidden objects in order to crack the code to escape the room before time runs out.

Escape Chambers recently opened one of their rooms in the downtown Madison area. This October they are hosting games with two different rooms and scenarios. The first, called “The Raid,” involves up to ten people working together to find clues to diffuse a “bomb.” The second is called “All In” which is a poker themed investigation. Both games will be sure to test your wit and get your adrenaline pumping as you race to beat the clock.




The Best of Both Worlds: Scary and Fun

Sometimes it’s nice to have options. Maybe you’re looking for something fun with the option of fright. Schuster’s Farm has both family friendly options with some optional terror. For a day of fun, check out their corn maze, hay rides, corn pit and end the day by cozying up to the bonfire.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Fridays and Saturdays Schuster’s hosts the haunted forest. You will begin the adventure on a trailer with your group, only to be dropped in a dark forest where you have no choice but to wander the paths in the dark while keeping your eyes peeled for clowns, zombies and chainsaws.


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