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by Jessica Hamilton, Lifestyle Editorial Assistant

While it’s more common these days to simply login to Pinterest and create a virtual inspiration board, there’s something to be said for taking that old stack of magazines in your bedroom and some scissors to create what can now be deemed a “retro” inspirational board.

First, take time to flip through each of the magazines or lookbooks you have lying around. My collection included an
assortment of InStyle, Anthropologie, Self and M Magazine. As you’re scanning the glossy pages, clip out images and words that catch your eye and that are uplifting.

My clippings ranged from pictures of Ryan Reynolds to upholstered chairs, which seem to be growing in popularity. The point of your board is to fill it with overlapping images that make you feel happy upon looking at it. Or, you can make several boards, each distinctly displaying a specific category, such as fashion or food. I chose to make mine a collage of all sorts of categories.

After you lay out all of the images and words, you can decide which items will be grouped near each other. It wasn’t until after I had spread out all of my clippings that I realized what I clipped fell into several categories, including romance, accessories, home décor, food and exercise.

Use the images on your board to truly inspire you, rather than convince you of products that are lacking in your life. Specifically, use fashion layouts as inspiration for your own clothes or use the images of food beautifully displayed to inspire you to host a brunch for your besties. Family is a huge inspiration in my life, so adding photos of loved ones to added to the bulk of my board as well.

Once you have your layout defined, there are an endless amount of items you can use as your board material. Take a piece of cardboard and paint it with silver or gold spray paint, or use a bulletin board to thumb tack your images onto. I laid my images out on a wooden chest so I’m hoping to find I a nice piece of wood to tape them to. Rummage
sales are a great place to find unique crafting material.

The next time you finish reading your favorite magazine, turn it into a creation before you recycle it. Create something in your life offline that can encourage you when you need some extra inspiration.

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Photo Source: Jessica Hamilton

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