Julia Preston, Angelic NYC: You Are Your Own Angel

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by Alexa Carlson, Fashion Writer


It all started with Julia’s junior year independent study at Calhoun High School in New York. She had been browsing one of her favorite fashion sites, Revolve clothing, and had the idea of creating a clothing line featuring angel wings. Senior year, Calhoun requires students to have an internship. Being extremely independent and eager to grow her brand, she created an internship with herself.

Julia, now majoring in retail, has had much experience in the field. She’s done everything from work in a showroom in Los Angeles to work in wholesale and even run an eBay business. To start her internship, Julia went to the garment district. She found a place in the garment district that had the perfect stencil for the angel wings she envisioned; she just had to find a shirt to put them on. She didn’t want just any Hanes T-shirt. She knew that she wanted something super soft and comfy, so she sourced shirts from Los Angeles.

Her very first piece was the 50 Shades Hoodie, a gray hoodie made of the same super soft material with black angel wings with a silver jewel outline on the back. In addition to the hoodie, she sourced white, super soft muscle tank tops to put her wings on. Once she found out she was accepted into UW-Madison, she made one of her white tanks with ruby-red jeweled wings. Angelic NYC products can currently found in five different stores on the east coast, two in New York City, two in the Hamptons and one in New Jersey. If you’re looking for a store a little closer, Julia has even converted a little corner of her apartment into a mini store where people can come check out her products.

Currently, Julia is working on reaching out to celebrities through her connections she made during her independent study and internship in high school. Her newest addition to her line is bracelets. She partnered with the Little Words Project to create bracelets for the holiday season. Each bracelet is complete with a tag that has its own unique number on it. You can log onto the Little Words website and share your story with that number for others to see.

When asked what the most difficult part of creating her own business is, she said that it wasn’t what she first thought it would be. Originally she thought actually making the items would be the most stressful and difficult part of the process. However, the greatest difficulty Julia has come across is coordinating with so many different people during the various steps of production to get the final product completed in a timely manner. Going to school in Wisconsin has been a complicating factor, since most of her business has to be done over the phone and email.

On the flip side, when asked what the most exciting part of creating Angelic NYC has been so far Julia couldn’t pick just one thing. Unable to stop grinning, she just kept saying how the whole process just makes her happy. She loves every moment, from seeing the wings’ gems get pressed onto the tank tops and hoodies, to spotting people walking around in her angel wings. Looking to the future, Julia hopes to expand and grow Angelic NYC as much as possible. She’s already doing accessories and would love to eventually branch out into menswear. She dreams of moving back to New York or to Los Angeles to continue her business.

To Julia it’s not about the money. She gives 10% of her proceeds to charity. In September, the money went to suicide awareness and October’s proceeds went to breast cancer research—quite angelic. Julia doesn’t have any social media for herself personally because she doesn’t like to take part in the obsession with image that it creates. Instead, she focuses her Instagram account on her brand. A combination of her products and inspirational quotes, Julia hopes that her account reminds girls of how amazing they are. She wanted to create the Angelic NYC angel wings to remind girls of how angelic they are, especially in today’s day and age of extreme social pressures and glorification of image. Julia’s angel wings remind us all that we are our own angels and that we are all capable of being the best we can and want to be.


Photo Provided by Julia Preston

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    1. really enjoyed the magazine article about our darling julia. she is one extraordinary young woman who will succeed in anything she puts her mind to.we wish her happiness and success in all her endeavors.
      lots of love,
      nanny and frebbie

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