DIY Advent Calendar

by Darby Hoffman, Lifestyle Staff Writer

A Decorative Way to Countdown to Christmas


With the passing of the Thanksgiving season, we can confidently begin decorating our homes in the festive red, green and white that accompanies the Christmas season. Get into the holiday spirit by putting up your faux Evergreens, turning on the twinkle lights and decking the halls in your favorite festive décor. Start counting off the days until Christmas by creating this super simple DIY Advent Calendar. An easy way to up the anticipation and get your holiday juices flowing, this countdown will only cost you one free evening and, possibly, a few cups of hot cocoa.


25 (gift card) envelopes

Several sheets of scrapbook paper

Hot glue, adhesive or tacks

Base for calendar (cork board, poster board or other firm backing)

25 small candies or other contents (to fill your envelopes with)

& Any extra décor you wish to add!


First, gather your envelopes (I cleared out the dollar section at Target for mine). Be sure they are able to fit your contents securely before constructing each one.



After getting your envelopes ready, take to your scrapbook paper to pick a festive design appropriate for the background. I chose a simple polka dot print in both green and red to add some flare to my calendar without distracting from the festive prints on each envelop.



After selecting your pattern, cover the base of your calendar with the paper. If you are using corkboard (like me), you may find it easiest to use thumbtacks to secure your sheets. Trim your sheets as necessary to get a straight edge that fits the edges perfectly.



Once your base is covered, you’re able to start securing your envelopes. Arrange the envelopes in a way that gives you access to each opening while still securing all 25 sturdily onto the base. Also, be sure you are able to open the envelopes enough to insert your candy or other contents. Once you have an arrangement that meets these guide-lines, secure your envelopes by either using hot glue on the back of each one, or by putting a tack through the inside of the envelope, into the base.



Finally, after securing your envelopes, just add the finishing touches. Add any extra décor you have gathered and fill the envelopes with your contents before finding the perfect open wall space to hang your festive creation. With each passing day, you’ll find yourself revisiting your craft and enjoying the small treats you’ve left for yourself as Christmas becomes nearer and nearer.



Photos by Darby Hoffman


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