Moda Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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by Darby Hoffman, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Still looking for holiday gifts for your friends and family? Moda’s got you covered with suggestions for your tech-savvy, accessory-obsessed, athletic, quirky and practical loved ones.

The Tech-Savvy Friend


1. Cell Phone Case/ Cover: For this friend, you know their cell-phone contains their entire. Prevent them from shattering their home screen, and give them peace of mind.

2. Laptop Carrier: They have to lug their laptop around somehow. It might as well be with something cute! An over-the-shoulder carrier may be just the way to ensure their computer won’t get busted between textbooks and class contents in their backpack.

3. Headphones: Block out the noise and the haters with a super chic pair of over-ear headphones. Let them play the soundtrack of their lives on these as they make their way to work or class, and they’ll definitely have a pep in their step.

4. USB Drive: With all of the documents they format and the photos they edit, you know their hard-drive can’t possibly handle the level of their technological involvement. A patterned USB not only accessorizes their laptop, but also gives you a few extra gigs to save their work.

5. Tech Organizer: With the insane number of devices this person owns, you know they have to carry a ridiculous number of wires and accessories. Make each item easy to find with this practical tech organizer.


The Accessory- Obsessed Pal



1. Wallet/ Wristlet: In order to keep their receipts, rewards cards, and membership ids in check, this friend needs a multi-compartment wallet to get the job done. Not just any wallet though, a plush and stylish wristlet is the only one that will do.

2. Watch: Their schedule is packed with their interesting classes, new internship, and social excursions. A fashionable watch is just the accessory they need to keep on time and in style.

3. Key Chain: If this friend keeps up regularly with fashion bloggers, they’ve likely been drooling over the fuzzy key chains attached to every fashionista’s handbag. Get them a similar one for the holidays to make them feel like the style gurus they known they are.

4. Coffee Mug: Keeping up with the trends as avidly as this friend does can make a girl pretty tired. Make that necessary cup of coffee a bit more luxurious with a calligraphy-covered mug for your friend.

5. Rose Gold Jewelry: This friend is so on trend, anything rose gold will suffice for this holiday season. Give them a dainty piece of jewelry to sport during the holidays, or even throughout the upcoming year!


The Athletic Acquaintance


1. Backpack/ Gym Bag: Getting from class to the gym requires transporting both books and a change of clothes. Getting this friend a bag to carry all of their necessities in will not only give them a cute excuse to tote it around, but also simplify their travel time.

2. Sneakers: This friend loves to stay comfortable, in & out of her tennis shoes. Give her a pair of crisp sneakers she can wear after her daily run to keep herself supported and stylish.

3. Comfy leggings: Leggings ARE pants, and she knows it. Break the trend of boring black leggings with a patterned pair that will make her forget she ever had to change out of her sweats.

4. Breathable Sweater: The cold months get tricky for this one, as she goes from the sweltering weight room into the chill of the snow. A lightweight sweater can be easily layered to keep her comfortable in all the temperatures she encounters.

5. Key Fob: Going from machine to machine means this girl needs to be able to keep an eye on the essentials. A simple key fob may just do the job of making keys a bit easier to carry and keep track of.


The Quirky Chum



1.Tote Bag: Who knows what they’ve got in there? The important thing is that they have something cute to carry them in! Whether something with a witty quote, or an off-the-wall pattern, be sure the bag is sturdy enough to endure anything and everything!

2. Graphic T-Shirt: Something like a graphic t is the perfect way to showcase this friend’s personality. Cat lover or Tumblr girl alike will love something cute and comfy to spend their holiday break lounging about in.

3. Oven Mitt: Who would have thought that something as simple as an oven mitt would be something that screamed this friend’s name? Give them a good laugh every time they take their newest baked good out of the oven.

4. Statement Necklace: Even though this friend may not, necessarily, be into the Bauble Bar trend, a statement necklace can still be a great gift. Something unique that will catch onlooker’s eye may be just the way to keep their drab winter days bright.

5. Make-Up Bag: They won’t just settle for any regular clutch to keep their make-up in, oh no. This friend needs a make-up bag with just as much personality as them, in other words…cat ears.


The Practical Colleague

1.Copper Measuring-Spoons: Something everyone needs, but not everyone sees as an opportunity to invoke style. These trendy copper measuring-spoons will surely be something this friend can utilize, as well as drool over whenever they open their kitchen drawers.

2. Blanket Scarf: A blanket scarf will always be a perfect gift, especially if this friend is either a frequent traveler, or perpetually cold.

3. Desk Lamp: Always working on something, this friend will need light for their darkest hours. Adding some flare to their desk may make their days a bit more productive, as well as keep them in uplifted through finals.

4. Coasters: Water-stains will not fly with this functional friend. Keep their tabletops in tip-top shape with a set of patterned coasters. Whether it is these or the ever-trendy crystal coasters, your friend will thank you for being mindful of their furniture.

5. Soap Dish: Almost as practical as you can get, a soap dish will add a bit of style to a friend’s wash room, and keep the suds from pooling all over the countertop. If all else fails, this has got to be the gift for them.

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