Self-Love: The Key to Everyone’s Happy V-Day

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by Darby Hoffman, Lifestyle Editorial Assistant


Despite the recent criticism aimed at Valentine’s Day, this upcoming holiday is not just for head-over-heels couples who want to exchange chocolate and roses. Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity for everyone to show themselves some love. No matter what your relationship status is, give yourself some love by focusing on your own mind, body and soul before anyone else’s. You deserve it.


  1. Fill your body with the right fuel: It’s completely understandable that around February 14th the appeal for Ben & Jerry’s becomes too real. However, do your best to resist temptations and fill your body with something delicious and healthy. Binging on junk food can make you feel tired, sluggish and ultimately bummed out. Take to the Internet to find some new recipes and spend some time in the kitchen. For some healthy and easy recipes to try, check out


  1. Look good, feel good: That’s right, even if you aren’t planning on a hot date, feeling good for yourself can be an experience all it’s own. Taking the time to pick out a new tie or LBD has the power to make you feel not only attractive, but also confident. Whether you’re going to dinner, a movie or a girl’s night, doll up and show everyone what a babe you are.


  1. Break out that journal: Although this activity can (and should) be done at any time of the year, writing a short Valentine’s Day entry may give you just the release you need. Whether you’re sick of seeing couples on the street or your significant other forgot to book your reservation, putting it on paper can be an effective alternative to sulking your way through the holiday or lashing out at those you love. Otherwise, if the holiday has you excited to make new memories, take time to record the day in the pages of your diary to revisit it in the future to remember those nerves and feelings of love.


  1. Validate yourself: Why wait for someone else to compliment your awesome sense of humor or to congratulate you on your newest internship? Sit back, relax and realize how great you are. Between class, work and your social life, a busy schedule may keep you from taking the time to recognizing the amazing things you do every day. By giving yourself a few minutes to reflect, you’re able to turn up the volume on that little voice in your head that says, “Hey, you’re doing great.”


  1. Surround yourself with people who love you: Finally, once you’ve given yourself enough love, feel free to immerse yourself in the appreciation of those you love. Whether it’s friends, a significant other or even a family member, use the holiday as an opportunity to be thankful for the amazing relationships in your life, romantic or not. The important part of Valentine’s Day isn’t being a part of a picturesque couple; it’s acknowledging the many types of love you share and enjoying them wholeheartedly.


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