The Lust List: Pencil Skirts

by Xinyi Wang, Fashion Writer

Buying tight clothes can sometimes be scary. Personally, it takes me much longer to decide to buy a tight dress than to buy a loose top that I know will always be flattering. This week, I want to show you how to beat any insecurities you many have about tight clothing with the pencil skirt.

  1. High-waisted pencil skirtHigh-waisted

Leka Silk Blouse

Melody Cropped Bralette


Paul Andrew Sandal


2. Pencil skirt with lace overlay


New Look Pencil Skirt

Balmain T-shirt

Adidas Watch


3. Pencil skirt with a slitslit

Marc Jacobs Turtleneck Top

Altuzarra Pencil Skirt

Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag


4. Denim pencil skirtdenim

Topshop Cami

Steve J & Yoni P Pencil Skirt

Saint Laurent Sunglasses

Joshua Sanders Backpack




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