Madison’s Best Outdoor Restaurants

by Taylor Palmby, Lifestyle Writer

As the weather warms, and sundress season begins, everyone wants to spend more time inside after those cold winter months spent snuggled on the couch watching Netflix. There are plenty of awesome outdoor activities to do at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, from taking a walk to picnic point to paddle boarding on Lake Mendota, the possibilities are endless. But everyone’s favorite activity, eating, can be experienced outside as well. Madison has some great restaurants with outdoor seating that make enjoying the weather easy and delicious. These are a few of my personal favorite outdoor spots.


  1. The Madison Blind

This restaurant lies towards the beginning of State Street, and the view from the top, where restaurant resides is stunning. The outdoor seating overlooks all of Madison, with a beautiful view of the Capitol. In addition to being a gorgeous place to enjoy the scenery the food is as exquisite. I personally recommend the poutine or the blind burger. The drinks are also amazing, and the Blind is a great place to grab a drink with friends.

Stop by the Blind on May 4th to enjoy some delicious food and drinks for Moda’s Spring Print Issue Launch Party.


outdoor food 1

View from The Madison Blind. PC: Taylor Palmby


  1. The Double U

The Double U is a great new campus bar located on University Ave. There is an entire upstairs bar, and although it’s known for having great beverages, the food is amazing as well. I once ordered pizza from The Double U, and it had tater tots on it. In addition to having tater tot pizza, The Double U serves everything from tacos to burgers. One of the great things about The Double U is that while consuming alcoholic beverages, a person can curb any cravings with the delicious bar food.

outdoor food 3

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  1. Food Carts


I once heard that UW-Madison food carts were ranked number 1 in the world, and although I couldn’t find any factual evidence to back this up, I don’t disagree. The food carts are amazing, and I hope to someday try them all. There is nothing better than sitting at Library Mall while eating a spring roll or Korean Taco. Another great thing about the food carts is how reasonably priced they are, and how many diverse options they offer.

outdoor food 2


Image Source: Alex Felemovicius


  1. The Terrace

Our beloved Terrace has been closed for most of the year, but is scheduled to be open in May. The best part of summer is grabbing a bite to eat at the Rathskeller or some Babcock ice cream and snagging a chair at the terrace. There is always so much hustle and bustle around the terrace from live music to people watching, a meal spent at the terrace will never be boring. So grab a chair and enjoy a meal with a friend while watching the sunset on the terrace.

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