10 Thoughts I Had While Getting My Pixie

by Darby Hoffman, Lifestyle Editorial Assistant

1. It’s time…

The anticipation before the appointment can be unreal. When it finally came time to head to the salon, I was beyond excited. After talking myself out of getting a pixie for so long, I was finally taking the plunge and doing it.

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2. This will be a great, a whole new me.

All I could think about was how different I would feel after changing my appearance so drastically. I felt like, after waiting for so long to finally cut my hair, it was a change that needed to happen and that would show a whole other version of myself!

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3. It may take forever to grow back…but who cares!

Then I started considering how long it would take me to grow it all back. As I sat down in the salon chair, I realized this would definitely be an investment of my time if I decided the pixie wasn’t for me.

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4. Yup, definitely no going back now.

The first few snips of the hairdresser’s scissors snapped me into reality. “Oh my god, I’m actually cutting so much of my hair off. This is FOR REAL.” You can’t tell the person to stop, you can’t leave the salon, you are in it for the long haul now.

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5. This was a mistake….

Once you realize that you’re actually going for it, things start to get a little scary. Basically any and all negative thoughts you could have regarding your hair start coming up and you may start to wonder whether or not you made the right choice. Yikes.



6. No, I’m going to look like a confident, mature WOMAN. Beyonce would be proud.

Bring yourself back to reality. That’s when you need to give yourself a pep-talk. Tell yourself how bomb you will look with your new, chic hair-do and silence those parts of your mind that have you questioning how awesome you’re going to look/ feel afterwards.

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7. This is fine.

You’re still going to feel nervous, even after calming yourself down. Watching your hair transform in the mirror is a big change, and it WILL be scary. Just try to relax and tell yourself you wanted this, it will all be okay.

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8. Oh my gosh, I look like a boy.

Then, there will be one final ping of regret. Personally, I felt like cutting my hair took away a lot of my femininity (something I really enjoy about my appearance). This upset me quite a bit and made me think my new appearance would take A LOT of getting used to.

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9. Nah, it’s cool.

However, it really only took a few minutes before I realized my hair wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. There comes a point when you realize that this whole process really was not that bad. In fact, you may actually love the cut! It’s hair, it will grow back and cutting it isn’t the end of the world. You’re going to survive, just go with the flow and stop worrying.

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10. #Flawless.

And finally, you make your return to Queen B, who taught you to feel #Flawless and love yourself. Getting a pixie is a rollercoaster of emotions, but totally worth it in the end. Even if you decide you do want to grow it out, taking the opportunity to try something so outside of your comfort zone is a reward in itself. You did it! Congrats.

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