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To prepare for Moda’s Spring Print Issue Launch Party, some of my fellow writers and I headed to The Madison Blind to check out some of their infamous drinks and appetizers. The Blind’s menu is stocked with small plates, snacks and a variety of cleverly named cocktails, such as the Bourbonic Plague.

Located on the rooftop of the Graduate Hotel, the Blind overlooks Langdon Street, Lake Mendota and has a spectacular view of the Capitol. Check out our opinions on the Blind’s food and drinks, and be sure to join us tomorrow night to celebrate good food, good company and Moda’s latest issue.


White Sangria:

It’s true that really anyone can make a sangria. Nailing the perfect sangria, though, is a challenge of its own. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between wine and fruit. And sometimes, too much wine can lead to a bad aftertaste. The summertime white sangria at The Madison Blind manages to find an essential equilibrium between subtle fruity flavors and a smooth white wine finish. With a cool and calming taste, this drink wins over my affection. It’s refreshing, slightly sweet and a great alternative to the harshness that some mixed drinks can evoke. This drink is ideal for sunny evenings on the Blind’s rooftop deck. You could try to make your own sangria, but I’m promising you that it won’t be at quite the same level of balancing flavors and freshness that The Madison Blind creates.  -Jennifer Anderson, Editor In Chief



Elk Poutine:

There is nothing I love more than fried foods and cheese, so when I headed over to The Madison Blind this Monday I had to try their poutine. A Quebec favorite, the Blind’s take on this dish consisted of their duck fat fries, elk gravy, cheese curds and some herbs thrown in for good measure. The fries themselves amazingly never became soggy, though they could have been served a little hotter. The flavors combined beautifully, with the heartiness of the gravy complimented by tangy slices of sweet potato and sharp cheese curds. However, one of my favorite characteristics of poutine is that it is absolutely slathered in gravy and the Blind’s version didn’t really hit the sweet spot in this area. With just a little more gravy, I think this dish could easily be one of my favorite snacks in downtown Madison!  -Haley Nippert, Culture Editor


Crisp Cheese Curds:

Whether I’m headed to the Old Fashioned and somewhere completely new, I am always eager to test out a restaurant’s take on cheese curds. Being a Wisconsin staple, I am often critical of these deep fried treats, but The Madison Blind’s interpretation did not disappoint. The cheese curds were gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside, landing in that fried cheese sweet spot. While their chipotle dipping sauce was a bit spicy for my taste, it did pair well with the APA the bar had on tap. If you’re headed to the Blind for evening drinks, arrive at sunset in order to enjoy the stunning views of the lake and also to receive a draft beer, a rail mixer or a shot for just one dollar. Then, try an order of cheese curds for a true Wisconsin experience.  -Meg Rotter, Lifestyle Editor

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Hummus of the Day:

The Madison Blind offers a wide variety of appetizers, from elk poutine to steak tacos, but if you’re looking for something a little lighter (or vegan friendly!) try the Hummus of the Day. Served with grilled ciabatta and fresh vegetables, the flavor of the hummus changes regularly. From ginger carrot to jalapeno to sweet potato, the creative flavor combinations never disappoint. Finding the perfect balance of spices to prevent the hummus from being bland without overpowering can be tricky, but the Blind manages to achieve this in every flavor of their hummus. Enjoy your appetizer at The Madison Blind’s rooftop patio while taking in breathtaking views of Lake Monona, Lake Mendota and the Capitol.  –Claire Hornacek, Lifestyle Writer


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