Good Vibes Only


by Morgan Jameson, Lifestyle Writer

With under one month of sand left to run through freshman year hourglass, I am determined to make the most of every new day, of every simple moment and of even every mundane lecture.

Sure this “college” adjustment was no breeze, but the day I set foot on campus after spring break– something was different. I had 6 weeks left to decide what amazing memories I would share with my friends when we chat over Doritos and marshmallows at bonfires this summer. Yes, the feeling of failing that exam still twists in my gut and makes me feel sick– but that is not what I’ve experienced here.

Maybe I’m just a first year, but I am confident that college is so much more than that. What we’re doing here extends so much farther beyond textbooks and midterms. It’s about the experience, the journey, and the memories – and that finally clicked.

The first night back, I cornered my friends into abiding by this “good vibes only” pact. As silly as it seemed then, we declared from then on, no one goes to bed sad and stress will no longer ruin us. We decided to actively have all of the fun we could and literally live up our last few days as neighbors in the pretty Witte hall.

Maybe they assumed I became a Bob Marley wannabe or that I SB 2k16ed a little too hard. When in reality I initiated this “Good Vibes Only” because ultimately, the cliche “you never know what tomorrow will bring”s and the “Live in the moment”s are too damn true.


My roommate bussed home a week before break because her father went into a heart attack induced coma. One of my best friend’s dad had been in Washington getting chemotherapy for the past week without her knowing. Toward the end of Spring Break I found out my Godmother was diagnosed with stage two Leukemia and was in route to begin chemotherapy.

Yet, despite the morbid thought of her mother, my grandmother, passing away from the wretched beast that is cancer– my Godmother once again is pressing on to show relentless strength and hardiness in this crucial time. With her amazing husband and three great kiddos – they are ready for this battle. With the idea brought about by my grandmother “Be of Good Cheer” we are all so confident it the idea that “We Got This.”

These dark times are beyond difficult to comprehend, and it’s impossible to see them clearly and in a positive manner. However, we should see it as a reminder to live happily and fully every day. Because again, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

So my call to action for you all is simple, really. Embrace life and hold to “Good Vibes Only.”

Give yourself motivation to push through the end of this academic year. When you find yourself thinking about finals and cramming, remember, it is all a part of the experience! Late nights in the library, nerves going into the exam room, embrace it.

See stress as a little motor propelling you forward. Laugh off what is beyond your control and have fun along the way. Eat ice cream, listen to music and explore fun places with friends. Do things that make you happy. Don’t go to bed upset. Think to yourself “what good things happened today?” You’ll surprise yourself. Look for the good around you. The warm weather, the beautiful lake we’re blessed with here at UW. Trust me, it’s there.

And the next time something doesn’t go how you anticipated, just seek out those good vibes only and I guarantee only good times are to come.



Photos by Morgan Jameson

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