theSkimm’s New App Keeps Users in the Loop

by Claire McDonough, Contributing Writer

Drinking your morning cup of coffee while reading the news just got better, and more efficient. Like many who follow current events, theSkimm provides brief versions of the news with reports on important information. Reporting on significant social news, theSkimm is the hottest way to stay updated.

gallery-1461095181-skimm-ahead-4At the end of April, theSkimm launched a news app set to inform users on the up-and-coming buzz. The app allows users a look ahead at what newsworthy stories or events will occur. The Skimm Ahead is an extension of theSkimm and provides information, keeping their users in the loop consistently. The home button features stories from the present day, ranging from celebrity updates to concert ticket updates. The app syncs with your calendar and provides updates for stories and events you will not want to miss.

The Skimm Ahead tells you everything you may wonder about in the future. Instead of tediously typing events into phone calendars, the Skimm Ahead provides the all inclusive approach by relaying and synching important information. Instead of worrying about tickets for a concert going on sale, the Skimm Ahead provides an easy way to stay informed. This feature, the Skimm Ahead, allows you to stay updated and never miss anything.

The Skimm Ahead allows a short and sweet summary of only the top stories. While theSkimm alone provides a debriefing of daily events, the Skimm Ahead guides users to upcoming stories and need to know occurrences. It provides news on only the most relevant stories. The Skimm Ahead provides a new way of news coverage by presenting information that is of importance to users and doing so in a unique way.

Available for download, the app is free for the first month. After the trial period, the Skimm Ahead costs $2.99 per month. The payment occurs through an iTunes account and requires confirmation of a continuation of the account. The Skimm Ahead creates a news source that fits into the daily routine without continuous interruption while still providing news. With plenty of relevant updates, the app allows users to stay up to date and know the newest, hottest stories.


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