SAMF Survival Tips

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by Xinyi Wang, Fashion Writer

For EDM lovers, California is where the beat starts, Florida is where people dance, but Chicago is where they unite. As the origin of house music and one of the biggest EDM popular cities in the world, Chicago has been holding its one and only Spring Awakening Music Festival for 5 years. As a semi-professional raver who always enjoys festivals in the summer, here are 5 tips that you can use to survive SAMF this weekend.


  1. Dress Whatever You Desire

We all know that festival look: flower crown, tie dye shirt and white converse. An EDM festival may be a little different from a regular one. People wear leg fluffies as well as cartoon shaped pasties. From my past experience at Spring Awakening, no dress code is the best dress code.

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1. Herschel Supply Women’s Scarlett  2. Belly Dance Tribal Sequined Bra Top  3. Kandi Bracelet  4. Sleeveless Logo Body by Ivy Park  5. ADIDAS SUPERSTAR IRIDESCENT “Dubai Blues”  6. Dollskill Earring

  1. A bold makeup look

If you are a makeup savvy like me, it’s time to take out that bright color palette you never use during school days and create a vivid look for the festival.

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Karizma Rainbow Stars Face Gem  2. Karizman Fairy Dust Glitter  3. Jefferson Star Beauty Killer  4. New Look Green Nail Polish  5. NYX butter lipstick big cherry

  1. Water is Your Best Friend

When you are dancing all the way to the music, don’t forget that you are surrounded by thousands of people dancing with you. SAMF announced that their 3 Day General Admission tickets are sold out. While enjoying the music with your friends or by yourself, always make sure that you have a bottle of water nearby. Dehydration, dizziness and tiredness are all very common syndromes happen to people at music festivals. If you any discomfort, contact a working staff nearby and someone will help you. I know the music is good, but your health and safety always come first.

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  1. Pack Smart

Don’t be that one person who get rejected at the entrance because you brought something that is not allowed at SAMF. Read through the festival guide CAREFULLY before you enter. What are the items they allow and what are not. Last year while I was waiting in line to get in, I’ve witnessed many people’s personal belongings being taken or thrown out. To save your and others time, read the 2016 guide here:

  1. Good Vibes Only


This year, SAMF announced its fifth year anniversary and brand new location. It will be held at ADDAMS/MEDILL Park with upgraded stage settings and more fun. Even if you are just going for one day, immerse yourself in the world of music and always remember the one rule in EDM: PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

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