Bringing Class to the Classroom

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by Hamayail Ansari, Fashion Writer

Kara Mortensen photographed by Hamayail Ansari

College is hard enough. Trying to look presentable while still maintaining the realm of comfort you left behind the moment you got out of bed can be a struggle. If you’re like me, you like to stay dressy without putting much effort forth. After having the mantra “comfort is key” repeated to me countless times, I was reluctant to believe that maintaining comfort came at the sacrifice of looking your best. I came up with these outfits from my own closet to give some inspiration as to how I stay comfy and stylish for class. With these five outfits, you can get through a week of class looking gorgeous in less time so you’re never late again!


1. Don’t Let Class Dull Your Sparkle

For anyone who has ever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend must have had something similar to say about intricate beading. Rompers are as popular as ever;  they combine the class of a dress with the versatility and movement allowed in shorts. On this beige romper, the simple addition of a beaded design gives this look a put-together air. In reality, only you have to know it’s one of the easiest things in your closet to wear. Throw on some sandals and you’re out the door!



2. Switch Out Your Dark Denim for Some Lively Color

Jeans are the one thing in your closet you can never have enough of. Why not include some color instead of the standard blue washes that you usually reach for? They instantly elevate your entire look, create a sense of energy and put a spring in your step. By replacing your backpack with a simple bag to match, all eyes will be on you.



3. T-shirt Dresses are PJ’s in Disguise

T-shirts are my go-to pieces when I want to lounge around. This dress maintains a more sophisticated  vibe while still giving off a laid back look. After a long day, just kick off your converse and you’re ready for a nap.



4. The Classic Button-up Will Never Fail You

Let’s face it, “dressing nice” has become synonymous with throwing on a button-up shirt to some people. In this outfit I exchanged my button-up shirt with a button-up dress. No need to find the right pair of pants or jeans to match. Just slip on this sophisticated dress and add a pair of black ballet flats for an effortless and chic look that would make even Blair Waldorf jealous.



5. Upgrade Your Shoes and Your Outfit Will Follow

Flip-flops immediately downgrade the quality of your outfit. Instead of black, squeaky flip-flops, reach for a chic pair of gladiator sandals. These shoes are my absolute favorite, not only because they make a statement, but because they are super comfy and give me extra support while walking around campus. What’s better? I don’t even have to tie these up! Spoiler: there’s a zipper up the entire back of these beauties.

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