Style Radar: Kendall Jenner

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by Lily Zwaska, Contributing Writer

striped-pantsWhen you hear the name Kendall Jenner you instantly think of high fashion, runways and of course, the infamous Kardashian clan. The Kardashians, in and of themselves, are fashion icons given their impeccably glam style. However, Kendall Jenner likes to set herself apart by creating her own effortless ways of dressing.  Kendall may be reprising the term “supermodel” while strutting the runway, but it’s what she’s been wearing off of it that makes her a true fashion icon.

Much like her personality, Kendall somehow keeps her looks simple, yet bold. Layering is not in her itinerary. She tends to incorporate solid colors and bold designs within a few thoughtfully chosen pieces. With Kendall, however, it’s more how she wears her looks, rather than what she wears that makes her really shine. Her slim frame and sleek black locks allow Kendall to turn the most basic of jumpsuits or denim turn into majorly elegant looks. In comparison, her most unique and innovative pieces become amazingly casual yet chic looks.

Something we can always expect from Kendall is variety, whether it be while catching a flight, a night out in NYC or the red carpet, she always brings something new. For her more casual travel looks her go-to footwear consists of Kenneth Cole sneakers or of course, Yeezy boosts. For a slightly more styled look Kendall may opt for black leather Sandro booties paired with Citizens of Humanity denim, a crop top and a floor length or leather jacket. Nights out on the town or red carpets are where Kendall really likes to experiment. Whether it be a corset, thigh-high lace-up patent heeled sandals, faux fur,  silk jumpsuits or debut Balmain designs, she always keeps us on our toes eager to see what she dons next.

As for accessories Kendall either goes all out or keeps it very simple. Recently, she has been sporting thin scarves as chokers to add something extra to her simpler looks. She tends to carry one of her many Givenchy handbags with her at all times or opts for a more practical, yet still luxurious, designer backpack. And, finally, we can’t forget about her established sunglasses collection. Her favorite pair at the moment are Ahlem aviators.

Whether she be coming from the gym, an airport, a club or the red carpet, Kendall knows how to  catch the public’s eye and set major trends. Her recent experimentation with her personal style, something she likes to credit her sisters for, has got the fashion world buzzing. Right now the world is Kendall’s runway and she is strutting it like nobody’s business.

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