Fall Beauty Trends to Try

by Briana Lerner, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Fall brings us many wonderful things: football season, gorgeous weather, pumpkin-flavored treats and an opportunity to switch up your beauty routine. For those who stick to the same look every day, consider trying one of the many new fall trends gaining popularity this season. Here’s a few to test out yourself:

Glowing Complexion

Having a stark, matte foundation routine can look unnatural and feel uncomfortable. A more dewy foundation gives the impression of healthy, hydrated skin while creating a natural, radiant finish. Starting with a dewy base can also make your routine simpler, removing the need for a highlighter. If you are worried about lasting power, this affordable L’Oreal foundation has awesome longwear ability.



Double Graphic Liner

This fall, try something a little more fun than just your everyday cat-eye. Dare to draw outside the lines by opening up your winged eyeliner, making it more horizontal than diagonal. To add more flair, add a parallel line on the lower lash line, with space in-between the two. You can also try more colorful options for a fun twist, such as a navy blue or a pop of purple to switch up your routine.


Red Eye Shadow

Trade in your neutral browns and taupes for a smoldering red. This does not have to be a fire-engine red, but instead, start with a burgundy blended well into the crease or smoked on the waterline. A more pink tone is also a romantic, eye-catching style.




Let your inner preteen out! No, glitter is no longer exclusive to children’s craft projects and New Year’s Eve celebrations. You can go as all-out or subtle as you like, wearing this look to class or a night out. Incorporate this twinkle trend into your makeup look by dabbing a cosmetic-grade glitter on the inner corner of your eye; sweeping it under your eyebrow, on top of mascara, or in the middle of your lips on top of lipstick. For your hair, try the super fun glitter-root trend. A great way to achieve this is to mix a basic hair gel with loose glitter, giving you precise control to apply where you want it. Now’s the perfect time to play around and go glitter-crazy!



Dark Lips

Channel your inner-Rihanna and dare to stray away from nudes. Try either a vampy purple or go for 1990s vibes with a deep chocolate brown. The key to pulling off this look is to pair lipstick with feather-proof lip-liner to prevent the color from bleeding. Pair with a minimal eye to give your lips the spotlight.



Don’t be afraid to revamp your beauty routine once in awhile, even if it’s subtle and simple changes. The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to add a new product, or mix and match what’s already in your collection to create an extraordinary look.  

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