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by Julia Schiller, Contributing Writer

It seems like fall has finally arrived, and fashion lovers everywhere rejoice as they pull out their scarves, boots and oversized sweaters they’ve been itching to wear. And while these classic fall clothes are essential, we often forget that sometimes it’s the small details that make or break an outfit.

This month, a brand that caught our attention is Warby Parker, an eyewear company devoted to providing their customers with the most stylish and creative lenses. No matter what style you prefer—preppy, glam, casual, grunge or anything in between—Warby Parker clearly has the eye for fashion. The newest addition to Warby Parker’s collection, the Leith Collection, debuted on October 11, 2016, and it is truly the details that stand out. This collaboration with stylist and editor Leith Clark resulted in 11 new frames that are the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

If you are looking for bold sunglasses, I would suggest investing in the Fleta option, available in ivory pearl frames and soft pink lenses. These stunning shades would go perfectly with lace fabrics or floral patterns. Also, if you are looking for the same statement piece to wear on those cloudier days, both the Valda and Zelda options have similar and stunning details that would be perfectly matched with any gold accessories.


Additionally, Warby Parker’s Leith Collection throws it back with the Lilia style, a more retro look for fall. Due to the lack of rims surrounding the circular lenses, the Lilia’s polished gold frames pop, creating the perfect complement to any collared shirt, dress or crewneck sweater. A little more casual, but just as trendy, is the Wednesday glasses, available both in black and tortoiseshell frames. These glasses are a staple to any outfit, and would look great with patterns or solid colors.

The final pieces in the Leith Collection are the Oriel glasses and sunglasses, which both come with gold-framed lenses and feature small patterns etched in the frame, creating a subtle but classy detail that you can’t miss. Additionally, the elegant, exposed screws add a touch of sophistication and would stand out in your preferred hairstyle. Whether you prefer the standard eyewear on the violet-tinted sunglasses, the Oriel frames highlight your brow line and add a pop of gold to any dress or fancy up a classic look, such as dark leggings with a fitted Oxford shirt.


Whether you’re looking for an alternative and trendy pair of shades or the glasses of your dreams, Warby Parker is the perfect place to start. If you absolutely adore an eyewear trend but aren’t sure if it’s the correct fit for you, their website has tools and recommendations for flattering eyewear for specific head shapes. Furthermore, Warby Parker Eyewear provides certain styles are available for Home Try-Ons, where you can order five pairs and try them out for five days to pick your favorites. Best of all, this incredible feature is free, and you can mix and match the frames until you find your perfect fit.

Need another reason to splurge on some fun, fall eyewear? For every pair you buy at Warby Parker, the company donates another pair to a nonprofit. By shopping at Warby Parker, not only are you adding style to your wardrobe, but you are helping others in need as well.


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