What Bridget Jones Taught Me About Journaling


by Maddy Selner, Contributing Writer

With the recent release of the Bridget Jones sequel, I figured I should join the masses and dedicate at least an hour and 37 minutes of my life to understanding the crazy world of Jones from the first movie. After an emotional roller coaster with the dreamy Colin Firth, I took it upon myself to start my very own journal. Throughout this experience, I indulged in the spoils of keeping a diary and grew in the process. Not sure how or why to keep or journal? Don’t worry, this article has you covered.

First off, to do lists are bomb in journals. While most people think that journals are solely for emotional ramblings, that does not have to be true. Sure, Bridget Jones did capture a hell of a lot of emotional matter in hers, but she also made lists of what she wanted to accomplish, things to work on and things to do with her life. You can do the same thing! Your journal is for your eyes only, meaning you can make any kind of to-do list you want (even a grocery list, if that is what you need in your life)!

After the first ten pages of to do lists, I also jotted down my brilliant, new ideas in my journal. Although these pages were not as extensive as my Honey-Do’s, they helped me organize my daily thoughts. A journal can help you keep track of your own personal projects. Fill the pages with goals you have for yourself, things you want to do before graduation or even things you want to finish before the end of the day. There is plenty of space for all of your ambitions.

Although I have only kept a journal for a short time, it already morphed into a messy scrapbook of sorts. I find myself attracted to capturing memories through all kinds of paraphernalia that reminds me of amazing experiences. Little things, such ticket stubs, pictures with your friends or anything other small significances are perfect to adorn your journal. By tucking these tokens inside, your journal instantly becomes a scrapbook (minus the hours of work and glitter glue in places it should not be).

Journals are great tools to expel all of your thoughts and emotions (even those that you might not be comfortable expressing to someone else), document your days or even use as a safe place to store your favorite pics. Although Bridget Jones’ diary centered primarily around her messy love life, within an hour and 37 minutes, she introduced me to a world of clarity that comes with journaling. Don’t have one yet? It’s never too late to start. Whether it is a spiral notebook from Target’s dollar section or a butterfly-covered composition notebook from T.J. Maxx, start documenting your life and saving the moments today!

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