Style Radar: Solange

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by Clarke Smith, Fashion Writer

For so long, we only knew her as Beyonce’s sister, the one that played our favorite character in the third Bring It On movie or maybe as the one who sang alongside Destiny’s Child in The Proud Family theme song. When, in actuality, Solange is a musician, songwriter and rising fashion icon all her own. Her style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but nevertheless, its interesting components lure you in. It is unmatched and hard to hate. Onlookers make the mistake of envisioning the outfit on themselves. They focus on looking for practicality, opposed to Solange who only does so when dressing for comfort. However, Solange’s style wasn’t always this developed. If we pay attention to her self-journey through the years, as she evolved into the free-spirited, loving and inspirational woman that that she is today, her style evolved along with her. She recognizes clothing as a true medium to express herself and is unapologetic about it in the process.

Serving as one of the queens-of-the-unthinkable in the fashion industry, Solange gives the label minimalist style a twist. Never shying away from unconventional or structured silhouettes, she always makes us think. Her extravagant ensembles aren’t something you can understand or appreciate at first glance. The more extravagant the outfit, the more you’re caused to think and really appreciate the creativity and effortless-seeming effort she put it in. While she plays with daring silhouettes, Solange is also your go-to girl for a monochromatic look. Observing her Instagram account, you can often find shots of her in all pink, green from head-to-toe or covered in shades of brown to match her background. She gives simplicity a new name.

She may have her own style staples, like monochromatic looks, soft fabrics and her array of voluminous bushes, but every now and then Solange likes to remind us that she will try anything…and succeed. She often shares with us her love for texture and is unafraid of using unconventional clothing materials as she showed us in the visuals for her most recent work, the album A Seat at the Table. In her two music videos for the project, comprised almost entirely of still shots, her looks included outfits completely made of leaves as well as a dress solely constructed of yarn. She brings the craziest of avant-garde runway ideas to real life and does so with the utmost grace.

Solange doesn’t seem to know the word “trend,” but every now and then she will appear  in an item the mainstream fashion industry sees as a “regular” staple for the season, but it is obviously never done in the regular way when on Solange. She dares to be different and even has a sense of humor about her unusual fashion choices, although never apologizes for them in the process. Solange’s style is only predictable in the sense that whenever we are graced with a new look of her’s we know it won’t be something we’re used to seeing. She understands the importance in both neutrals and bold colors and prints. She plays with asymmetrical hemlines, pattern choices and combinations and structure within clothing. As she showcases her personality through her style, Solange is soft, yet powerful.

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