Style Radar: Florence Welch

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by Ashley Mackens, Fashion Writer

If you took the dresses of a mystical woodland fairy, the shoes and accessories of a 70s rock ‘n’ roll chick and the polished suits of Jay Gatsby, you’d get the closet of Florence Welch.

Okay, so that description may not be the most accurate, but this musical powerhouse’s wardrobe is as perfectly curated as any one of her platinum albums. Whether she is stepping off a plane or onto the red carpet, Florence Welch is dressed to impress. Though it is hard to pinpoint her specific style aesthetic, I find that by not pigeonholing celebrity style, we are more likely to welcome their fashion risks and appreciate their artistic evolution.

Similar to how Florence’s music can be labeled as indie-pop-rock-soul, her style can be described as boho-glam-edgy-chic. What’s great about Florence is that she can wear a vintage ensemble put together from a consignment shop or a designer gown and still be true to herself. I think it is admirable to own a diversified wardrobe and be able to wear it all with confidence; that one thing Florence certainly does not lack. Her confidence is so radiant that she could probably throw on a burlap sac, tie a belt around it and top it off with one of her signature hats and we’d all be dazzled.

On and off stage, Florence has a bit of a flare for dramatics. Bold prints, loud colors, fur and sequins – you name it, she has worn it. My favorite on-stage look that Florence frequently wears is sheer, flowy maxi dresses. The bright lights illuminate her porcelain skin under a delicate layer of chiffon as strategically placed fans blow the billowy fabric and her fiery locks all about, bewitching anyone who lays eyes on her.

You can typically spot Florence in one or more of the following: menswear-inspired jackets, vests, suits, pretty blouses, wide-leg pants, flare jeans, ornate jewelry and anything else that’s whimsical and charming. As a strong, successful woman in the music industry, Florence Welch is not afraid to mix up her look by playing with androgynous and feminine pieces. She is daring and bold in her fashion choices which makes her my personal style icon and an inspiration to many others.

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