The Inspo Board: PSL Time of Year

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by Ashley Ng, Fashion Editorial Assistant

When I start to see my breath lingering in the crisp morning air, I realize that fall is slowly slipping away from me. Where has this semester gone? I’ve had my face buried in my textbooks for so long that I’ve forgotten to look around and take in my surroundings. The leaves have all changed and fallen into the streets, creating a sea of crimson and burnt orange. Pumpkin spice lattes fills the menu at every coffee shop on campus. In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be home celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and sharing stories over a table of delicious food. As I try to dig up my favorite pair of leggings and oversized cozy sweater, I grow eager for the rest of the month. In the meantime, my mind will have to settle for fall-inspired warm, neutral tones and fuzzy textures to help me forget how cold it actually is outside.


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