No Days Off: Dorm Room Workouts


by Claudia Prevete, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Photographed by Mia Boulukos

Besides finding time to juggle homework, midterms,student orgs, social life and oh, yeah, eat, sleep, and breathe, college students also face the task of squeezing in time to stay healthy. Eating right, while not always easy, is not necessarily much of an actual time commitment. Getting in a work out each day, however, seems nearly impossible, as it requires a chunk of time dedicated to doing just that. Although hitting the gym, going for a run and taking a yoga, spin, or Zumba class are ideal, these are not your only options. It is possible to maximize your time, energy, and effort to create a quick and easy workout regimen, even within the confines of your dorm room. Here are some ways to get in your daily dose of fitness, even on the where you “just can’t.”

Pinterest Printables

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, you have probably seen thousands of the workout printables on your feed. These graphics highlight a workout for a specific target area, some sort of “(insert increment of time here) weight loss challenge,” or a short-circuit series. These are only a few of the easy-to-execute, straight-forward and super informative guides you can perform or tweak to fit your dorm room. A quick search of “weightless workout printables” yields enough results to make you wonder why you don’t just workout everywhere, all the time. Sure, you could easily conjure up your own body-weight workout plan, (some push ups, here, some sit-ups there), but having it spelled out for you allows for a much more organized and complete workout routine, even if it is just the “6 minutes to sexy abs” routine you did during your study break.



For those looking to simulate a Group Fitness class from the comfort of your own dorm, look no further than the YouTube channel Blogilates. Fitness guru and blogger Cassey Ho is master of “workout anywhere.” She is the creator of her own Pilates program, in addition to a uber successful YouTube channel and overall fitness/healthy-lifestyle motivator. Her videos range from “Total Body Pilates” to specific target-area videos, such as “Quick Burn Calves! Best Workout for Sexy, Slim Calves!” Regardless of what type of workout you are in the market for, Blogilates is sure to provide a solution that’s designed to be done without any equipment: just you, your phone/ computer and the desire to get fit. Once you start, you cannot be stopped; Cassey’s energetic spirit, paired with the intensity of her guided workouts cannot be beat as far as a digital personal trainer goes.


From the moment you open the app, SworkIt greets you with the message “No gym. No excuse.” This introductory message give you the motivation you need and provides users with a multitude of workouts divided into subcategories of strength, cardio, yoga and stretching. Upon selecting one of these four workout types, you can easily adjust the amount of time you want to work out for. Then, SworkIt will personalize your session (even if it is just for five minutes). Not having the time to engineer your own workout is discouraging, but simply downloading an app on your phone can help you beat that. In addition to SworkIt, which provides the majority of its content for free, there are a multitude of fitness subscription apps that can easily provide you with a dorm-friendly workout with just a few finger-taps. Similar options include Sweat With Kayla, Jefit, and Physique 57.

Do not let limited time, space or equipment come between you and your health. Staying fit is a reality than only takes motivation and dedication to achieve. No more excuses, find the at-home workout that fits you best, and transform your five-minute study break into a quick but rewarding cardio session. Grab your phone and get your heart racing.

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