‘Sustain’ and the Sexual Wellness Revolution


by Samantha Georgson, Contributing Writer

The Sexual Wellness Revolution all started with a small protest outside of Proctor and Gamble. At the end of October, 2015 a group of protesters converged on P & G’s headquarters, speaking out against the company’s unwillingness to disclose the chemical and ingredient in their feminine care products.

Shortly after the protests, P&G and rivaling feminine care companies such as Kimberly-Clark, the producer behind Kotex pads and tampons, began sharing their ingredients online. This was certainly a win, but it was also just the beginning.

Sustain is one brand in particular that prides itself on embodying the sexual wellness ideal. Sustain acknowledges that this movement goes beyond just tampons and pads. These outcries show how important it is for people to know exactly what it is they are putting in and on their bodies, including condoms and personal lubricants. Additionally, Sustain highlights how crucial it is for every sexual wellness product to contain ingredients that are first and foremost safe, and at Sustain, natural.

In a personal statement on the brand’s website, one of founders of Sustain, Meika Hollender, speaks on behalf of the company, saying, “This movement is not about “us,” it’s not about “them”—the fact is, we are all in this together. We’re thrilled to see an increase in awareness and overall demand for full disclosure spreading throughout the industry.”

Hollender also speaks to the mission behind the brand, stating that Sustain creates products that are natural, fair trade, sustainable and made with healthy ingredients that consumers will understand and appreciate. The point is not to sell the product but to create a better, safer and healthier world by doing so.

This is just one brand embracing the revolution and taking on the challenge of transforming our sexual wellness environment, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Sustain invites all sexual wellness brands to join them in this mission, with consumers playing a role as well.

As users of sexual wellness products, we should take the time to be aware of these issues, read up on the brands we are purchasing from, demand more information from those that have yet to disclose and choose to stand behind brands that offer up the information and take the necessary steps to improve the overall quality of their products.

“We think of our ability to disclose all of the facts as something to celebrate; we’re able to show and tell it like it is and feel pride in knowing that the ingredients we use in our condoms, personal lubricants and post play wipes are good for you, good for the environment and set a good example for the industry,” said Hollender.

This should be the standard we set for all sexual wellness brands and product lines. We as consumers can take back the power and reinvent the sexual wellness industry, transforming it into one we can trust.

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