Any Pessimists, I Ain’t Talk To Them: Why Think Positively?


by Claudia Prevete, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Though the majority of Instagram’s endless text-posts or cute graphics preach positive thinking can be dismissed as cheesy (and quite simply, annoying), the underlying messages are pretty useful. While these messages and clichéd “good vibes” may garner an eye roll here and there, harboring negative emotions is proven to create detrimental results, even physical disease.

Rather than dwelling on incidents that trigger feelings of regret, anger or sadness, it is important to see the glass half full. I’m not saying that training yourself to be more positive happens overnight (despite Kanye West’s proclamation that he “woke up an optimist”). In fact, this mental makeover will probably take some time, starting with an introspective exploration of your own negativity.

Happiness is a state of mind, and yet being a human being (with real, human emotions) may keep you from feeling happy all the time. However, allowing negativity to control your life and thinking negative thoughts a majority of the time can definitely pose a danger. Rational thinking, having clarity and a sense of perspective as well as the ability to counter negative thoughts with positive ones are essential skills to adopt in order to create an optimistic worldview.

Irrationality is the root of all evil. The inability to “keep your cool,” take a step back, and breathe is what oftentimes causes small situations to spiral out of control. These instances then haunt us, contributing to negative thoughts on a scale much too large for our own good. When faced with a negative bump in the road, channel your inner peace and rationality to combat a negativity-takeover.

The overplayed cliché of the “glass half full” argument still has some validity. It tells us that life is all about perspective. You have two options: to look at what you have as the photo negative of what you do not or to look at what you have and appreciate it. Seeing the glass half full and looking at what cards have been dealt to you is the underlying philosophy of a positive lifestyle. Mastering and learning to control your perspective is sure to positively alter the lens through which you see life.

Disputing your own negative thoughts is imperative. Show yourself that dwelling on the bad is not an acceptable way to live. Instead, try to counter every negative with a positive one. Recognizing your negativity and making the conscious effort to stop that train of thought by replacing harsh words with soft words and insults with compliments, is an incredibly effective method. This habit will squash any negative mindset, allowing you to recognize your own negativity and stop it before spiraling out of control.

Taking the initiative to become a more positive person is an important step towards living a generally happier, self-fulfilling and peaceful life. Subtract the bad, and insert the good. Though this philosophy may not always easy, it is a vital life skill that you are brave, strong, and admirable for beginning to adopt. Keep these facts in mind, and remember, as the great Kanye West once said, “any pessimists, I ain’t talk to them.”

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