Sustainability is Sexy


by Leah Johnson, Contributing Writer

Is sustainability really sexy? Probably not by the conventional understanding of the word, one that stems from an image of humans exposing more skin than a high school dress code would allow or wearing clothes so form-fitting that little is left to the imagination.

However, if we take a step back and think of what it really means to be ‘sexy,’ then sustainability is one of sexiest traits in the world. To be sexy is to be strong, confident and respected. It holds an appeal in a way that makes someone want to know more, see more and experience more. These factors are all directly related to sustainable behavior and efforts to make change.

Taking the first steps toward living sustainably does have its difficulties, but it is definitely worth the effort! It takes strength to recognize your own bad habits in terms of consumption, but it takes even more strength to change them. Speaking from experience, becoming conscious of the environmental impacts of consumer habits can be deflating and discouraging. Here, again, sustainability requires confidence and strength; strength to keep working on modifying actions and confidence that the changes are making an impact, even if it is hard to see.

If taking a risk and upholding a new lifestyle require strength and confidence, this process makes people take notice of your resolve and awareness, earning you the respect needed to round out the trio. Being strong, confident and respected adds a complexity to people who is enticing and captivating. If that is not attractive, I am not sure what it!

Taking the original plunge into sustainability can feel forced or overwhelming, but every day of practice makes it easier. The most enticing aspect of sustainability is that there is always something new to work on that will make your lifestyle even more planet-friendly.

Sustainability is not a never-ending staircase to nowhere but a series of platforms that each represent an ultra-attainable, ultra-sustainable paradise. The first platform might be “Meatless Monday,” which decreases the amount of water used for meat production. Then, separated by a few steps, could be an apartment-wide “Meatless Monday”, saving an even greater amount.

Learning and experiencing more is addicting. It is gratifying to grow your knowledge and understanding of the world. Choosing to adopt sustainable behaviors is the most difficult, but beneficial step that helps everything falls into a natural path of progression afterwards. With these changes, we commit to preserving what is left of our amazing planet.

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